White Kitchen Designs are Immortal

You can design and color your kitchen in any way you want. But the one color that has stood the test of time and has looked good on both traditional, as well as modern kitchen, is white.

Having a white kitchen may seem like terrifying things mainly because of the added pressure of keeping it clean, but a little bit of regular care can make your white kitchen look classy, elegant and stylish for years to come.

This article will talk about many different kinds of white kitchen designs that have been popular throughout the years.

White Kitchen

The trick is to match them with your personal style and invest in a little bit of time to clean and maintain it. Let us look at some of these white kitchen designs in detail:

  • All white – An all-white kitchen just looks like a page out of a high-end glossy magazine. With all white cabinets and furniture with just a tinge of stainless steel from the appliances, any kitchen can exude style and elegance.
  • Citrusy bursts – If you are not a fan of all white kitchen designs, then you should add life to it by adding some bright colors. A mix of green and orange accents in the kitchen walls or tiles can bring the much needed zing to a white kitchen design.
  • Go monochrome – A black and white kitchen design is the ultimate thing that you could go for. Mix white with elements of black such as on the countertop, in the tiles or even black appliances, to get the monochromatic look.

White Kitchen Designs

  1. Ocean white – Bring an element of the ocean into your kitchen by decorating it with some green, blue and turquoise colored pieces. You could have these colors in chairs at the breakfast bar, or a clock or the ceiling light fixtures.
  2. Funky white – Go crazy with white but also add an unusual color to your kitchen. You can leave everything white except maybe color the splashback in bright orange to a funky look.
  3. Bring the nature in – Another way to design a white kitchen is to add color only through accessories such as a flower vase with colorful flower and herbs planted in small pots.

There are many more designs that you on your own can come up with. There are no hard and fast rules here. Just go with your flow and you will love the end product.


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