7 Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses!

Kitchen knives are an essential part of cooking and no one will deny I’m sure. This tool is literally the most important if you like chopping and dicing veggies and fruits into your dishes. I can hardly believe a house without a bunch of different types of these cutting tools.

So, let’s talk about various types of kitchen knives and their uses. Today I’ll make sure you learn a lot of new things. If you are someone trying to decide knives for your next purchase then don’t miss this out. Let’s start!

Types of Kitchen Knives

Various Kitchen Knives & Their Uses!

Crucial Knives for Any Kitchen!

There are a few types of kitchen knives that a cook can’t stay without. I call them my mandatory knives squad. Let me tell you about the top must-haves below.

Chef Knives!

Cook’s or chef knives are the most important type in a set. This knife is usually quite broad with a blade. It tapers upward to make a sharp point. So that the user can go for speedy mincing with rock back and forward motion.

Most of the chef’s knives are six to twelve inches. With huge lengths, you can easily go for fast and simple slicing. However, folks with small hands might not find it comfortable to control.

There are basically two types for a chef’s knife. It can be stamped or forged. Usually, the unserrated version is more popular for use. However, there are still some good brands that provide quality serrated ones.

You can use this knife for almost any kitchen need. It can slice tofu and also chop squashes. You can easily try dicing and cutting with it. That’s the reason why it’s a crucial knife for a kitchen set. No matter small or big, you must get one for regular cutting chores.

Utility Knife!

Most of the utility knife will come with four to seven inches height. It’s more like a mini chef’s knife. Some treat it that way.

You can get both serrated and straight. The utility version is a profit for veggies and meat cutting. It’s best for small sized stuff.

Often these knives show up with scalloped edges. This can give you better flexibility while chopping. You can easily cut both hard and soft elements. It’s good for tomatoes and squashes. You can try preparing cabbage, sandwich meat and lettuce with this.

Santoku Knife!

Japanese knives are worldwide popular for their amazing cutting abilities.  It’s the western style chef’s knife basically. Santoku actually refers to “three virtues” which means dicing, mincing, and slicing.

It’s kind of short and thin than the chef’s knife. You can’t rock it on board since it comes with a flat blade. This turn it to be a lesser choice when you need to mince something. Especially herbs! However, it can do well for skinny vegetable slices.

You may find Santoku with hollow edges sometimes. This will help you to cut through the meat. Also, you can use it for sticky elements. This will be fast and precise with minimal tearing.

Every pro will call these knives a multi-tasker. Because of the really sharp blades, it can do various jobs at once. You can try herbs and vegetables. Sectioning chicken is an easy thing with Santoku knives. It’s a fine choice for folks with small, tender hands.

Kitchen Shears

A pair of scissors, that’s what basically kitchen shears are. It can go for so many kitchen tasks. You can easily use it for snipping herbs and slicing veggies. You can try outdoor works as well since this comes with sharp and really strong blades.

Most of the shears are planned to give you super-fast cutting abilities. It can slice green onion really well. However, the blade might get weaker eventually. So, sharpening these will take you quite a lot of effort.

Speciality Knives to Get!

Do you want to have great cutting skills? There’s no way you can do so without some speciality knives. Yes, there do exists these special types for knives that can give you extraordinary cutting abilities that normal kitchen ones will not offer.

Tons of names are coming to my mind right now. But let me tell you about the few popular ones.

Cheese Knives

Well, guess what cheese knives are used for? How silly of me to ask you that, anybody can guess it. It’s for slicing cheese.

With perforated holes, these cheese knives can easily deal with soft cutting. So that you don’t get any cheese stuck with the metal while cutting it. For harder cheese, there are sharper ones available.

Decorating knife

With simple patterns in blade, a special type of knife is used for designing cuts. These are known as decorating knives. One popular example should be a zigzag knife. It’s super fun to use these.

Grapefruit knife

This thing will look like an artist palette knife. Because it has a really long, flat but dull blade. The edge is serrated also. You will find this in most kitchens and it is used for the grapefruit peel and pith.

You may also find double blade versions that look very fancy. These are basically on one side of the handle. You can use one for peeling and the other for the inner membrane.

Keen Knife Is Better Than Blunt One!

So, these were the few types I wanted you to know. I declare you to be an intermediate in the knife knowledge academy. Jokes apart, these were the most basic ones and you are now ready to get a perfect set for your kitchen.

So, consider your kitchen chores and decide on some types that can help you. Getting a knife set might give you a better scope for all in one benefit. However, if you want to customize a set then also it’s going to be a good idea. Best of Luck with That!


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