Stainless Steel VS Granite Sink! [The Ultimate Battle Comparison]

A kitchen without a sink sounds like a mango juice without mango. There needs to be a source of water where you can do your regular wash up after cooking delicious dishes. Don’t even think about tap without a basin. That’s going to ruin your deco.

You need to have a quality sink that suits your taste. The two most popular choices, stainless steel, and granite sinks.

Now with these two categories, you are bound to be somewhat perplexed. Especially if you have no clue about sink materials and their good-bads. Here is a quick comparison of Stainless steel sink vs granite sink to make you pick the ideal choice.

Stainless Steel VS Granite Sink

A Mini Introduction to Granite Sinks!

Granite sinks are probably the ancient variety available that is being used in a household for a long time. It is a practical pick for any house. That’s the reason why some house owners are still a fan of this material. However, there are granite sink pros cons to balance the good and bad.

The most fascinating thing about granite sinks is it’s super beautiful. It can give you a combination look of modern and contemporary.

It is one of the rarest materials that blends pretty well with different architecture and kitchen style. You can get these in a variety of style and colors. So, appearance vise this is a killer choice. It is also durable for years.

But, the weirdest thing about granite is, it only comes in a rectangular shape. Also, it needs more price with heavy weight. You need to take proper measurements for stain as well since this really isn’t that super good with spot resistance unless you go for an expensive one.

Mini Introduction to Stainless Steel Sinks!

Stainless steel sinks are undoubtedly more versatile than granite and popular for being very reasonable. These are actually pretty well with today’s usability and maintenance. However, you need to know stainless steel sink pros cons as well to judge better.

The good sides are probably a lot including reasonable price, better clean up facility and different shapes. It’s durable enough and needs really stress-free installation process.

You can maintain your kitchen beauty by keeping it shiny forever with minimum clean up. Unlike granite sinks, these are actually pretty low maintenance.

But then again, they are still not long lasting like granite sinks. If you go for thin gauges then scratches are a regular thing to happen. Also, there is no color variety when you choose a stainless steel sink. It’s a glossy silver finish that stays the same with each brand models.

A Side by Side Comparison (Feature Analysis)

Features Stainless Steel Sink Granite Sink
Popularity Extremely Widespread Conventional Type
Affordability Very Affordable Expensive
Durable Thin Gauge Construction Mostly Very Durable
Appearance Silver Glossy Finish Different Types of Finishes
Maintenance Low Maintenance High Maintenance
Noise Level High Low

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Which One Is Reasonable in Price?

The very prime factor that most user will take into account is, of course, price. There is variety in both types of sinks when you consider its cost.

Both these sinks can actually fall into a hundred pounds category if you want better sizes and designs. The huger it becomes; prices are likely to increase in proportion. Also, when you go for better design and shape, the price will take a jump.

But for most cases, graphite sinks are pricier. There are stainless steel sinks with a thick gauge that costs high. But most of them are quite reasonable.

That’s why it’s quite confirmed to give my vote for price section to the stainless-steel versions. But there are reasons why the graphite sinks cost more. I’m sure in the next sections you’ll realize why.

Which One Comes with A Range of Variation?

Stainless steel counterparts are usually the same in looks. They are just better quality or less. But when you look at them, these seem the same. This is one of the worst reasons for some users. Because some people prefer other finishes over silver glossy.

However, there are some people who like the glossy shine it gives to their kitchen. So, it actually depends on you what looks you prefer.

If you fall into the category of various finishes, then for sure granite sinks are a great option. Granite sinks come with a huge range of variety. These are really good with getting a slew of different colors with simple plastic resin.

The different finishes available are real lay beautiful and appearance vise granite sinks are pretty much unbeatable.

If you prefer bold shades for kitchen deco then surely granite sinks are the one. So, for variety category, the winner is surely granite counterparts.

Who Makes Less Noise?

Stainless steel sinks are really cost effective and we already told you about that. Now hear out the reason for their less price. The construction of stainless-steel sinks includes usually thin sheets of steel. These really give you a payback for your savings with harsh noises whenever the tap is on.

Thin steel sheet vibrates a lot. So, an invisible amplifier becomes your regular kitchen buddy with annoying sounds whenever you wash. Basin sometime even acts as a drum.

This effect is really irritating, especially at night. Even if the sink is downstairs in kitchen, noises can still be noticeable in your upstairs bedroom.

However, there are some versions of stainless-steel sink that comes with 16- or 18-gauge construction. They really didn’t compromise like their cheap cousins and give quiet environment.

Granite sinks are really hard and tough. They are less flexible. This makes it hard for any vibration when water is dripping. So, the hardness literally sends away any noise pollution ever coming your way.

Which One Is More Durable?

This is a very common scenario that I am about to write down. You are cleaning dishes at your kitchen with super ninja techniques to finish it fast. Suddenly the thing in your hand slips and a shattering sound shocks freak out of you.

What was that? Your favorite wine glass that momma gifted you on last Thanksgiving. Heartbreaking right?

Nobody would want to see pretty crockeries getting shattered right in front of their eyes. Your moment of clumsiness isn’t the only thing to blame. The quality of your sink is also responsible.

You choosing the right material can really change this scenario. Granite sinks are very hard and sturdy. They don’t forgive anything falling on them.

However, stainless-steel sinks are compatible with multiple crockeries hitting them every day. So even with heavy gauges, stainless steel material won’t destroy your plates whenever you accidentally drop them.

Which One Is More Prone to Stain?

Granite sinks are actually made with real precision methods. They come through high heat and pressure manufacturing system. This makes them really resistant to stains and heat. Also, they are good with fighting back scratches.

However, this does not mean they are totally invulnerable to such things. If you wash hot pans in it then the risk of surface warping is really high. If you usually wash a knife in it and somehow there are dragged marks then this doesn’t easily go away.

On the other hand, a stainless steel sink can go with high temperatures well. They are heat resistance and can avoid stains like a pro. However, there is still some limit and it’s not totally impervious to harm. Stainless steel has the tendency to pick fine stains and scratches for a lifetime. You won’t be able to notice them easily. But some scratches get visible by time and due to a glossy finish, these look really apparent.

With hard water, chances are stainless steel sinks will also form spots. One good solution can be getting a high-quality basin that includes scratch free support.

Which One Needs Less Maintenance?

Stainless steel is more prone to damage. That’s certainly true. But one good thing is, these damages are reversible. You can take some simple steps for maintenance and avoid any kind of problems totally.

You can get some fine wire brush and use it for eliminating hairline scratches. Polishing the surface with baby oil after a gentle scrub will make it look like new. There are hundreds of other solutions to maintain a stainless-steel sink at home easily. One GOOGLE search will bring you a bunch of them.

On the other hand, a granite sink will need delicacy and finesse. You can’t go with harsh and abrasive cleaners. Using bleach can literally destroy the finish and give discoloration. Other substances similar are food coloring, ammonia drain cleaner.

You need gentle clean up and occasional deep cleaning to keep your granite sink in a good position. Using a micro fire cloth with gentle soap water is what you need to do. Drying it in the air should be your next thing,

Who Wins the Race?

You see, both granite and stainless-steel sinks have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing one from my perspective will really not help you.

I wanted to let you know about each good and bad these two popular materials hold. Now that you have a better idea, won’t it be fair enough to pick the right winner in this stainless steel sink vs granite sink battle for yourself? It’s the best thing to do.

Get your requirements right and consider usability. Be sure to pick something that will satisfy your purpose, budget and needs preciously. Good Luck!


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