Small kitchen best colors ideas

Small kitchen best colours ideas

Very small kitchen – design features

Most often very small kitchen is performed a utilitarian function, so it very rarely does them bright. As a rule, the opposite – try to disguise, hide behind cabinet doors, blank facades neutral color to hide from the eyes of home appliances, kitchen utensils, and various accessories.

In most cases, a small kitchen color ideas of design offer monochrome solutions. In a small space is very advantageous to look neutral white, beige, sand, gray, especially if you combine them with bright accents or graphical now are considered like the best kitchen colors.

This interior is easily changed using different accessories and add-ons – textiles, carpets, lamps.

Choice the best of color solutions

Kitchen color ideas for small kitchens cuisine depends on several factors: the size of the room, her light, style and overall mood.

Front color is usually selected based on their preferences, not forgetting that in the interior design colors close to red, bring us warmth and comfort, and blue (as related to the cold range) – clarity and practicality.

Having defined the basic tone, proceed to combinations. It may be a monochromatic scheme – the use of shades of a single color palette, using either two or three similar or contrasting colors such as red / blue / yellow or red / amber / green.

If you feel insecure about this issue, meet with the theory of color ideas for small kitchens, it is quite simple, do not need to be a designer to use it in practice.

Good designers say that there are no bad colors, there is a bad combination

Beginners do not always agree with this statement, but with experience, they understand that there are surprisingly beautiful color combinations. Choosing

color ideas for small kitchens, it is necessary to see how colors and textures will work together to create a color palette of the house.

Wondering what color to choose for the kitchen, you can spend time looking through hundreds of design-driven finished design options.

You can find pictures of different styles, shapes, and colors. Some eye-catching and looking bright, others – quiet, light and airy.

Rational use of every inch of usable space here in the absolute

In the first place come here practicality and functionality, rather than the beauty and originality. As a rule, a very small kitchen equipped with only the most-most necessary.

Small kitchen ideas – there is a minimum of furniture specially designed set for a small kitchen: a small base cabinet with a working top, compact sink, hob with two rings – no more.

Sometimes, instead of the lower cabinet space under the sink occupy a small compact refrigerator or washing machine. Upper cabinets also have very modest dimensions.

Sometimes, instead of them, you can see the open shelves, but more often it is smooth, simple concise facades.


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