Kraus KHU100-30 Review [Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Sink]

Due to the Consideration In the market about Price range, quality & longer ability of stainless steel sink Kraus Khu100-30 will happy you exactly as I am getting awesome service. Why is Kraus sink my Number one Pick? Have a small massage form me.

KRAUS KHU100-30, 30-inch, 16-Gauge, Undermount, Single-Bowl

In my kitchen I Installed a sink that was a messy experience, after 1 year I panicked for Rust. In every single day at night, I have clean the sink by a liquid cleaner but rust has come and I suffered huge destruction.

This is the reason that I changed my sink with KRAUS KHU100-30.

Better user experience, using form 1.5 years but it still shiny and not any possibility to come with the rust.

Kraus Khu100-30 Reviewed!

Check some features that will you help to take the right decision!

Installation Process:

I will not you say that you will be able to install this sink if you have not any previous experience. I believe in the specific skill makes a better solution.

Yes, Just take help from an experienced person, but it is not also a hard job if you have some essential tools then you can do it easily but you can also try. It is not too hard to install.

Stainless Steel Quality:

This sink thickness is 16-Gauge steel. Most of the people know that 16 gauge is #1 thickness and its longer ability is also well. It makes a great sign that if the sink is 16 Gauge then people judge OH! It’s great.

Heavy duty:

I am much satisfied with using Kraus Khu100-30. Actually, I cook at the Night, after coming back from the office and at the end of the cooking, I clean each time. But also my family members use this sink too.

The sink is made by soundproofing technology. You can read our other Reviews of stainless steel sink

Well, design and size:

It is type Undermount, Square but rounded edges shape and Weight is also good 33 pounds. Its size is 30 inches. It will be fitted with most kitchen.

Easy to clean:

I always use Liquid cleaner and getting a better result. Just take 1 minute to clean the sink and its look shiny as like I have bought newly.

You can use any cleaner as you prefer. Although cleaning is not a fact for any sink, just do it with better liquid, many people prefer the Powder but I use liquid and also recommend you.


More space in the sink, you can easily keep many dishes or utensil at a time and also washes. Most of the person prefer to keep dishes and also washes same time, so need more space what is in the sink.

See some Pros at a glance:

  • Easy to installation Process
  • Undermount type
  • Made with Good ss thickness
  • soundproofing technology
  • Easy cleaning way
  • Long Lasting
  • Keep huge utensil
  • Rust Resistant

Cons: I did not find yet any cons using this sink

At the end of the writing my opinion and also with my user’s experience the unbiased Review is for you to get a better user experience, and comfortable kitchen sink using this as me, you can definitely choose this sink.

If you are a small or heavy user of both perspectives will serve this sink, Due to my Previous first use’s sink experience I prefer Kraus sink and hoping will not be needed again any sink to install because I am optimist it will give service to me in long run what I have understood just using 1.5 years. So now it’s time to decide your pick.

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