What is The Best Kitchen Sink Material [Choose From 7]

What is The Best Kitchen Sink Material -Types of Kitchen Sinks MaterialsWhen I think about the kitchen, it reminds me of moments with my mom trying a certain recipe. Or fighting with my best friend over what seasoning would taste better. There’s plenty of memories and stories that we share with our beloved kitchen space.

And so, when you aim to make your kitchen space more comfortable and functional, there’s no denying that choosing the sink material also include in that process list. After trying various types, I can help you figure out what is the best kitchen sink material that will go well your needs. And today, I’m about to discuss that. So, Anticipate Please!

7 Types of Kitchen Sinks Materials: Finding Your Ideal Type.

The process of kitchen remodeling involves a lot of important considerations. But when it comes to deciding for your sink’s material, your daily routine and lifestyle will make a huge impact on that decision.

The material is going to interact with you whenever you’re using kitchen sink. For instance, if you are someone too busy to care about household matters very delicately, then a sink material that is durable and almost deadly resistance to rough usage is what you’ll be needing.

While some families would want to focus more on creating a show-stopper kitchen outlook. Something that is surely eye-catching in terms of design and style.

Starting from stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay to unique copper, stone and many other sink materials, let’s have a ride to visit each and every option available…

1. Pick Affordability with Stainless Steel Material Sinks…

Stainless Steel Sink is the most popular type probably in 2020 with a sleek and contemporary feel coming around. This pairs marvelously with countertops made of wood, stone and even granite. If you are looking for models that lend elegance in terms of look, then try the under-mount options of stainless-steel sink instead of drop-in ones.

There’s hardly any objection with durability. Since most stainless steel made sinks come with 16 to 18-gauge of thickness. There are models that use the magnetic formula for structural benefits.

People are also loving this sink material because there are choices available with chromium and nickel. These are super at preventing corrosion problems. Also, they don’t access any damage due to high temperatures.

Stainless steel material is all you need for affordable and easy cleanup needs. They work best for any type of use. The only issue is that often this material can be noisy. Also, water-spots are quite hard to get rid of from these sinks.

2. Beautiful Finish & Antimicrobial Elements, Copper Sinks Have It All…

When pondering over farmhouse sink materials, one would focus more on aesthetics and finishes than any other feature. Because main theme here is to make the space look beautiful.

And copper is one of the most attractive choices that meet every standard of beautiful décor. The kitchen’s focal point that is designed with a rose-colored, warm copper sink can initially brighten up entire area.

There’s also diversity with both smooth and hammered finish available when choosing copper material sinks.

Not only this, copper has come serious bacteria-killing abilities. Because according to many scientists, copper has a punch hole function with its molecule. It targets bacterial membranes. And this will absolutely help in inhibiting metabolism as well as putting a full stop on their growth.

And being an absolute inviter of germs with so many stuffs gathering inside a kitchen space, the copper material will be a humble asset to anyone.

The only hitch with this material is its price tag. Usually, copper material sinks are on the pricey side. And so, you’ll have to consider a bigger than usual budget when deicing for copper.

3. Classic, Valuable & Long-Lasting Enamel Material…

When thinking about old fashioned looks that are more timeless mood maker, then cast iron materials for kitchen sink come to my mind. But with enamel, you can utilize the quitter and softer look. In fact, better than the stainless-steel versions. Also, the styling of enamel sinks increases home value.

Definitely this material will work better for those who have reinforced countertops and cabinetry. Because the material is quite heavy and needs such support.

Also, you need to care about using non-abrasive sponges for the surface. This is because the material is quite prone to chipping and also staining.

The best part with enamel material sinks is that you can use a simple DIY kit to refinish in case of damaged surface. With that said, you should definitely go for enamel as the key material if looking for traditional and contemporary décor for kitchen with light to medium use.

4. Sturdiness at Home by Choosing Fireclay…

Consider enamel material that is molded with white clay fused. After that, there’s also glaze and heating with high temperatures. This fusion is known as fireclay. It’s one very resistant pick that looks like cast-iron enamel sinks but with strong construction values.

This material is a huge support for those who want to keep staining and scratching out of their ways. However, with passing time and regular rough usage, you’ll need to consider re-glazing.

Also, just similar to the traditional counterparts, fireclay is quite heavy. And so, it needs reinforced-countertops to get complete support.

Talking about color and shades, you can find fireclay in a few diverse options. There are white and off-white colors that are usually more popular among people. However, for dramatic look creation, you can also try blue or black fireclay sinks. The highly appreciated deep, single-bowl farmhouse design is what comes to my mind when thinking about fireclay sinks.

One sad part of the fireclay is that these are pretty expensive. And with handcrafting manufacturing, everybody knows why the cost is high.

These are a fantastic choice for those who need a light to medium use sink. Also, these sinks are usually the focal point of many spacious farmhouse modern kitchens. Just take care of the weight, expense and careful installation. Apart from these, there are only good points to count on fireclay.

5. Customizable Options with Solid Surface Materials…

Both countertops and kitchen sinks are ideal for manmade acrylic resins material. Without carrying the high price tag, you can enjoy enamel-like look and feel with solid surface material sinks.

However, you should not go for the cheapest models in this category. Look for something a bit costlier to enjoy better acrylic resin retain quality.

These are usually good at keeping the glossy surface as well as white tone new like even with regular use. The cheaper versions use calcium powder filler that causes yellowish and dingy look just after a year of buying.

For light to medium-duty use, solid surface sinks are a nice choice for tiny, contemporary kitchens. You can try it for lightweight cabinets and countertops without worrying much about the price tag.

These are customizable as well but expected to perform for a short lifespan. Also, discoloration and extreme heat damages are some concerns that come with solid surface sinks.

6. Value Adding Stone Materials Are Also Heat Resistant…

When we talk about Granite Sink, the stone material is what it refers to. Also, there are marble made sinks that exist in this category. These are one wow factor creating material for most kitchen designs. With genuine variegation benefits and fantastic pigmentation features, stone made sinks are considered to be very unique.

The tone and texture usually come with a subtle variation which is probably because of single block carving formula.

Even with the durable scores being quite high, you will need to do something about the porous feature. Usually, proper sealing can help you deal with it. This can prevent staining, scratching and negative effects of cleaners. Those who own reinforced cabinetry are allowed for stone sinks since these are pretty heavy.

You can have them for any type of kitchen use with heat resistance, long lifespan, and value-adding benefits. The only err to mind is its weight that requires additional reinforcement as well as right sealing.

Quick Comparison, Granite or Stainless Steel?

Honestly, it depends on your priorities and needs. Both of these materials are highly durable and goes a long way with occasional repairs. However, in general terms, if you are someone who lives a busy life with less time to focus on maintaining then granite sinks can be your ideal bet. These rarely show any scratches or water spots. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy more than a few colors to choose from and it does not make noises like stainless steel. But then again, if you are looking for an inexpensive sink, stainless steels can be your savior. They are also easier to maintain in terms of regular cleaning rather than occasional.

7. Opening Up to Diverse Styles by Choosing Composite Materials…

Composite materials are great for extra spacious contemporary style kitchens. These are a uniform look provider with the option to choose from a wide spectrum of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Composite material sinks don’t need sealing and also maintain extreme durability. You’ll be able to enjoy mind-blowing heavy-duty use with these. But the only exception is for heat exposure. These are really bad at high-temperature resistance. And such events can cause crack and damage on the surface easily. So be mindful of extreme heat exposure.


And with that, we have around 7 types of sinks materials discussed by now. Have you found out your answer to what is the best kitchen sink material?

All of these materials are very popular in terms of different styles and look creations. People admire the benefits more than disadvantages related to each of them.

Surely nothing in this world comes without a black shadow of negativity, so you need to deal with the cons generously. However, focusing on what priorities you have, making a choice among these seven-kitchen sink materials won’t be hard at all.

Bidding a Good Bye On That Note, Best of Luck on A Wise Choice!

George Sab is a retired home improvement professional. For over 30 years, he has educated his clients and helped them make the best choice for their homes. George started A Great Sink in 2017 to share his knowledge with the world and assist his readers on their journey to their perfect home!


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