How To Use a Gas Stove Efficiently

It all started at the primitive age when man invented fire. And the first cooking began. Since then we have crossed a long way and the art of cooking or the way of cooking has been changing time and again. In every era different type of cooking appliance, oven, gas ranges etc are built to make your cooking easy and comfortable affair. One of them is the gas stove. It is one of the convenient, cheap, and best cooking appliances that provide you the simplest way of cooking and that also in the least of time.

In today’s age when so many other kinds of cooking appliances have brought to the market, but the appeal of a gas oven is still increasing day by day all around. It is not only for household use, but even professionals like to use it in the hotel, and restaurants. Therefore, it doesn’t seem to be an exciting subject to discuss and to give you the idea of how to use a gas stove. Yes, it’s true. But still, there are a lot of people remain who don’t know how to use this appliance properly and safely. Let’s find out.

How To Use a Gas Stove

The First Step

Place the pan on the burner and push its control knob in and turn it to the ‘light’ position. In this way, the flame should come out from the burner. If it doesn’t then turn the knob all the way to the left to off the gas at first and start all over again. This must help you to take the safety measure and prevent gas accumulating in your kitchen.

The Next Step

Once again the flame is lit turn the knob little to the left. Don’t turn left all the way as it may turn the stove off once again. Now set the heat or the height of the flame by adjusting the knob. This can help you to get the desired temperature that you need to prepare your food and also help you to manage the cooking time.

The Other Step

If you want to prevent your food from burning, keep the heat of your gas stove low at the beginning. Because a gas stove can be heated up in a very short time. So, if you don’t have control over the heat at the starting it may burn and ruin your food easily.

The Final Step

Once you’re cooking is over simply turn off the gas stove by turning the control knob all the way to the left. Check the knob if it is at the far left. In this way, you can avoid the possibility of gas leakage.

The Safety Measures Should be Taken

Though a gas stove is one of the safest cooking appliances you have but still you have to take some safety measure while using unless it can be dangerous for you or your loved one and may cause an accident. Here they are-

  1. Firstly, keep the small children away from the stove and from the gas pipe. Without knowing anything they tend to touch them and injured themselves.
  2. While cooking just makes sure that the cookware that you’re using is not sticky. Otherwise, the hot food of it may overturn and burn you.
  3. The gas stove may heat up in a very short time, so you’re asked not to touch the cookware on it directly.
  4. Wearing, flowing clothes or keeping dishcloth near the burner may be fatal as they can catch fire easily only to put you in danger.

Apart from all these, there is still something that you must pay serious attention for using your gas stove safely.

  1. Follow the warning signs that given in the booklet and manual provided by the dealer so that you can avoid the accident. For example, if you get a stinky smell of gas or find hissing sound then it may cause leakage. In this situation, you have to turn off the stove and knob of the gas cylinder quickly. After that open all the window of the room to allow the gas to pass through.
  2. To avoid an accident it is necessary to keep your gas stove in good shape. Maintaining and cleaning in regular interval must be done by you.
  3. Install a gas alarm that can detect any leakage or fault at the pipeline and send a signal in the form of beeping to make you alert.
  4. Make sure the place where you keep the gas stove has enough space to let it burn properly. You have to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen or just open one or two windows while cooking. This may keep you safe if any leakage happens.
  5. You have to check you gas stove regularly and replace any components at once that appear to be rusty. In this way, you can lessen the chances of an accident.
  6. While cooking you have to be careful to prevent the spillage of foods that you’re cooking. This may cause rusty components of your gas stove.
  7. If you still have a little doubt about the performance of your gas stove or the gas cylinder you may send a complaint to the gas dealer so that the technician may pay a visit to your place to see if any change or repairing is needed.

There are different types of gas stove found in the market and each has its features to attract you towards them. Hope you’ve already installed any of them or you’re now mulling the idea to have a new one. In both cases, the main criteria of yours must be convenience and safety. Of course, the makers always keep that thing in mind. But here you also have some responsibility upon yourself or your loved one to take the safety measure before and while using the gas stove. Therefore, never give up learning; always try knowing every details of using a gas stove. This can make your life easier, happier and safer too.


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