How to Replace Kitchen Sink Drain: Easy 3-Steps Guide

how to replace kitchen sink drainUsually, a leakage means you need to replace kitchen sink drain. Make sure the source of leaking isn’t something else. Sometimes the leaking pipe brings this usual problem to your kitchen.

Once you notice that the drain is responsible for this leakage, get your tools ready for troubleshooting. I’ll be sharing with you the simplest process.

Step-By-Step Process of Entire Replacement: Tools, Removal & Changing.

You can surely replace the drain all by yourself. If you have any idea about how to install sink strainer, this process won’t be that much hard. Let’s start with the tools you need for actual replacement system.

Tools and Materials:

  1. Plumber’s Putty
  2. Tape
  3. Portable Flashlight
  4. Wrench for Pipes.
  5. Hacksaw
  6. Drain Kit
  7. Bucket

1. Prepare for The Process

You need to start with having a clear sink underneath for doing the replacement properly.  While turning and twisting nuts, it gets really uneasy if there are things all over the place. So, make sure you keep all the tools and gears in an arranged manner.

Also, usually the sink underneath area is very dark. These are quite difficult to give you proper visibility. Use the portable light to be set in that space. So that when you are performing the replacement, it’s lit and easy.

Make sure to turn off the waterline. Next, simply drain out any water out from the system. Sometimes gunk still resides inside the line which disagrees to come out with water. Keep a bucket beneath the sink to catch them all later.

2. Taking Out the Drain

Taking Out the DrainYou will notice that the main drain pipe is coming out from kitchen wall. You need to find the slip nut on it.

Simply use a pipe wrench and loosen the nut. You should go with a counterclockwise motion to loosen down this nut.

Now go back to the sink’s underneath, to find out another end of this drain pipe. You need to use the pipe wrench once again to loosen nuts attached to it.

Using your both hands, gradually bring the drain pipe out.

If the drainage system is really old, it might be stuck within. In that case, use a little bit of force to take it out.

3. New Drain Installing

You need to use the plumber tape of putty for next step. Using these, simply thread down the underneath area of sink where old drain was situated.

Make sure to complete the threading to another end as well.

It’s time to set the new drain to main pipe that is coming from kitchen wall. Use the slip nut you loosened earlier to securely fit it there.

You need to set down the sink trap now. Simply put it back to its original position. Now make the joints for top of new drain system with sink.

If the drainage system is not in proper alignment with sink drains, you need to cut the tailpipe. Simply use a hacksaw to do that.

Put the slip nuts on the washer. Also, place nuts over the drain system’s top. Using your hand securely tighten them up. Make sure they are not too tight.

Extra Tips

  • Wear a good pair of working gloves to do the replacement. This will keep your hands clean from any dirty water or gunk coming out.
  • Let the putty dry if you use any. Don’t go for any further step without ensuring its rock hard.
  • If the washer is squeezing water then apply some putty to seal it. This will eventually solve the problem.
  • To check for leaks, simply fill the entire sink. Now release the stopper and see if there are any obvious leaks. Usually, the water pressure helps to expose any hidden leak.
  • If your sink uses any garbage disposal, make sure to remove that as well.

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This is my simple technique to replace the sink drain. You can always ask a professional to do these chores. However, if you manage to do good with the replacement process, it’s definitely going to save a few bucks.

Just make sure to have patience and be enough gradual with each step. Don’t rush from one step to another and let everything go as planned flow.

Only that way you can assure a successful replacement. Best of Luck!

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