Fastest way to seek a plumber for your kitchen!

how to plumb a kitchen sinkIf you have no idea about how to plumb a kitchen sink, then calling for help is the only option to go for. A plumber is a person you need to approach for such a case. However, you just can’t go for anyone who comes with the tag of a plumber.

They need to fulfill certain criteria to be able to do the job for you. These criteria are selected by you and doing so is important. Why you may ask.

Well, because a sink is priced possession. And nobody would really like it if someone known for being a so-called expert comes and ruins their sink in the name of installing it.

Seeking a Plumber: The Quick Yet Safe Way!

I still remember my dad looking for emergency plumbers in London. He hurried and hired someone who eventually damaged the strainer. Finding a qualified plumber in London was not the hardest thing. He was unlucky and less careful, I guess.

You don’t want that to happen for sure.  Of course, seeking a plumber must be a huge emergency. Since no one really likes to hang with their sinks while looking and researching about plumbers. I’ll be mentioning a few important points that you need to consider.

6 Rules of Thumb!

To consider a good plumber for your important sink installation, you need to go over a few points. Here’s some rule you can follow.

  1. Always opt for plumbers who have a proper license. Your state should have some law and licensing system for approved plumbers. If you want to play it safe never miss checking this out.
  2. One common mistake that quite people do is not caring about insurance proof. Make sure the plumber you’ll be hiring has some legit proof for insurance.
  3. It’s better to trust someone with experience. They are capable to solve complicated situations for the installing. So, make sure you enquire about the plumber’s experience years. With more numbers here, you get better service.
  4. Never start without discussing the charges. A good plumber will always do their professional analyzing over the plumbing steps required. Then they will tell you about the cost openly. It should include all extra parts cost.
  5. You’ll be investing your money. So please know that you have the complete right to ask for a satisfaction guarantee. A plumber with experience and expertise will never say no to your such demand.
  6. Before you seal the deal, especially if it’s online, make sure to ask for some references. Let the plumber’s company provide you a list of satisfied customers. You’ll have a better idea from the service users and can make a clear decision that way.

Fastest Way to Find the Right Plumber?

Most of the people have this very conventional style to follow when it comes to seeking for a plumber, electrician or serviceman.

They’ll call friends and family to ask for a trusted known plumber’s contact information. However, your friend or family member might just have hired a plumber once. It worked for them but there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be your case as well.

Another very common approach to look for a plumber is contacting a tradesman. You may ask a known electrician or decorator to give suggestions. Sometimes you also get yourself a discount this way.

But what if you don’t know any tradesmen and this is your first time looking for one? What should you do then? Well, here’s what I think.

To me, the fastest and probably best way to find a plumber is seeking online. You are literally open to the widest section of plumbers. A simple google search can bring you to a lot of options to try.

But will you go for any out of these options? Of course, you need to be sensible and choose a reliable option. You can use the six barometers that I provided above to find yourself a qualified plumber online.

Also, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find various reviews about a particular plumber service. So, when you decide on a plumber who receives more positive responses, the risk of wasting your money is very low, almost zero.


According to EmerGenie – emergency plumbers, you should never try plumbing yourself with little knowledge. It’s not worth for an expensive possession like a sink.

However, you can always try researching and knowing more about choosing the right plumber. Also, you don’t have to actually spend a fortune for the service. It’s quite affordable and much less than buying a part of a sink that you might damage while plumbing yourself.


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