How to Paint a Stainless Steel Sink – [Must Read Before You Paint]

How to Paint a Stainless Steel SinkStainless steel sink is best known for its resistance to corrosion and clean looks. For these qualities, it is convenient and mostly used by homeowners.

But sooner, people often found that the grey color and stainless of steel does not fit into candour of your kitchen. You may, therefore, decide to change the color of your stainless steel sink to a shade that matches the decor of your kitchen. is a great site to know more about kitchens decoration and various kitchens product.

Stainless steel sink has elements similar to acrylic when it comes to painting resistance. Each has very low paint resistance, making it the ideal surface for painting.

There are few techniques to go about painting your stainless steel sink. To get the optimum candor color for your stainless steel sink, you can make your stainless steel sink stand out by using paint powder coating, wax, patinas.

Our in-depth guide will definitely help you that How to Paint a Stainless Steel Sink

Painting stainless steel sink can be difficult because the finished surface of the stainless steel sink is completely smooth. So cohesion process of the paint is more difficult. However, by using the right paint, wax, paint powder et al, you would definitely achieve your desired result.

A Proper Scrub!

As a general rule, you never want to apply paint directly to your stainless steel sink as it would never bond that way. You would need to get a sanding machine or sandpaper to scuff off the surface of your stainless steel sink. So that the paint would actually have something to bond on.

Preparing The Surface!

After you may have roughened up the surface top of your stainless steel sink, you need to thoroughly clean the surface of sink. This would help to keep it completely clean free from debris, or dirt. So that when the paint is applied, it would bond perfectly with your stainless steel sink.

It is not enough to use plain soap and water. You would need a specialized steel cleanser or a degreaser to rid the stainless steel sink free of grease. If you make use of any cleaner, make sure to note the drying time listed by it’s manufacturer. Wait the amount of time before continuing with your project.

Time for The Primer Coat

Spray a primer over the sink giving it’s surface a very even coating as possible. You would have to coat your stainless steel with primer before applying any color of paint.

Applying a primer to your stainless steel sink adds bonding agents to the surface of sink. This helps your stainless steel sink keep paint on its surface. Use any kind of primer that is rated for stainless steel, but you would still need to get a high-quality stainless steel primer.

White primer is recommended for most colors, but if you intend on painting your stainless steel sink in a darker color, then you may want to use a darker primer.

Application Part for Primer

To achieve a very even and smooth application of the primer coating, you should consider renting a spraying machine from a home improvement store.

  • If you are using a sprayer, hold the nozzle about 12 inches away from your stainless steel sink.
  • If you use a sprayer ensure you paint in one direction as this would ensure the grain of paint looking more consistent.
  • Check to make sure the primer dries off before you start painting.
  • When primer is dry, clean the sink with a dry cloth to remove any loose particles that would have been left by primer.
  • Apply the oil based black enamel paint to the sink, either by spraying sink if it is a spray paint or by applying paint with a brush.
  • After applying paint, wait for the paint to become tacky, and then you can coat your sink with another layer of paint.
  • Wait 24 hours for the paint to fully dry, then you can attach your stainless steel sink to counter and plumb it back in.

Let’s Put Some Wax!

Once the paint on your stainless steel sink is completely dry, apply a thin coat of wax evenly over whole area of your stainless steel sink and let wax dry up.

When the wax is dried it would have a hazy look on your stainless steel sink, now take a clean cloth and clean up the sink thoroughly, this would buff the wax.

Time To Say Goodbye!

Only your imagination can stop you from deciding the color of paint to use for your stainless steel sink. Also to write on your stainless steel sink, a nail polish comes off very artistic as it sticks very well to paint and looks great.

The nail polish comes in any shade of color you can think off that would match the color of paint you have chosen for your stainless steel sink.


  1. Great tips for painting the stainless steel sink.Thanks for sharing the process for putting the paint on the sink.I thought only paint is painting on the sink .The primer and wax plays a important role.Thanks for sharing such amazing article.

  2. I am.pkanning to paint copper on the sink. Can you give some advise how to not chip paint after using sink cause you know sink is the mos used place under the water and soap in the kitchen. Thanks.

    • Some really common tips can be used on a regular basis to avoid chips. Avoid keeping dirty and heavy utensils on your surface for too long. Try to wash and dry off the surface after every use. Hard water stains are a big no. Use mild detergents to clean your utensils. Also you can try putting powder coating. However, it actually also depends on the quality of your stainless steel sink. By regular use, the paint is bound to get a little bit chipped. Then you can try fixing or reapplying paint.
      GOOD LUCK!

  3. Hi George! First-time homebuyer here and I’m planning on DIYing my entire (tiny) kitchen. Do you have specific products that you would recommend using or that you used and found worked best? Specifically for the wax finish. My current sink is an incredibly stainless steel sink and I’m planning on painting it black with a brass fixture for the faucet. I want to ensure that I’m applying to correct finish to ensure it lasts as long as possible with minimal chipping in the future (saw your tips above!). Thanks!

    • Hi Christine, thank you for reading it out.Here is what you can do.
      Carnauba wax, just like we use on cars can be an ideal choice for applying on stainless steel sinks. It would keep the surface shiny and protect from smudges and scratches.
      However if you think, your family is going to directly use the sink for putting food, go with something safe.
      I once tried beeswax, it’s a bit hard to apply than the Carnauba. Warm it, apply a thin layer, let it dry with a hair dryer on high heat and once it has a thin layer wait until it gets cool. Finally buff away any extra wax and that’s it. Hope that helped!


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