7 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen More Organized (Even if It is Small)

7 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen More OrganizedNot everyone has the luxury of a spacious high-tech kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling cabinetry system and a walk-in pantry. Even though a small kitchen has some advantages such as requiring less clean-up time, there is one major drawback. 

You may not have enough space to keep your kitchen organized, and that is going to have a detrimental effect on the aesthetics of your cooking space. You don’t want to end up with a cluttered kitchen so that using it becomes more of a hassle than fun. 

Given that organizing a kitchen is already a challenging and overwhelming task, you can conclude that organizing a tiny one is downright impossible, especially without a proper plan. However, there is no need to worry, as the tips listed in this article will make it easier for you to organize your kitchen. 

How to organize kitchen | 7 Tips below

1. Think like a minimalist

The first step to creating the freedom you need in your kitchen even if it’s tiny is to come up with an objective assessment for the cooking and eating space. Your main goal should be to get rid of items that you’ve got in your kitchen as a result of sentimentality.

Take a cue from minimalist and strive to remain only with the items that you use on a regular basis. You can apply a minimalist logic to your kitchen by:

• Disposing of the old, rusty, broken, or hopeless dirty items

• Identifying duplicates

• Setting aside the most-used appliances and kitchen tools

• Making a decision as to which single-function items can be gotten rid of or replaced

Simply put, having a minimalist mentality is the beginning of a successful plan in organizing your kitchen. 

2. Go Vertical

For the extra wall space that is not yet utilized, consider mounting floating shelves. There are different kinds of great floating shelves to choose from. If you’re after a rustic look, you can consider adding live-edge shelves (slabs of wood with some of the bark still visible). 

How to organize kitchenThe insides of cabinet doors are also more than often under-utilized. To make the best use out of this extra vertical space, consider hanging a rack on the inside of your cabinet door, and use it to keep the oils and spices corralled. You can also use hooks and caddies to create the extra space you so much need.

When trying to organize the space you have for your kitchen, every inch of space is important. In such a case, you can, screw a hook and use a hanging platter for your herbs. You can also install pot racks on the ceiling, as long as it’s not hanging so low. 

3. Magnetism to the rescue

The knife blocks in your kitchen look so professional, but the only problem is that they tend to use a lot of space and can also contribute to the cluttered look. To avoid this, a magnetic bar next to the stove will be efficient in keeping the knives and other kitchen utensils organized. It does not end there. You could as well hang a sheet of tin on the inside of the cabinet to keep your spices organized with a magnetic spice rack.

4. De-clutter drawer space

When organizing your kitchen, you should pay attention to all the areas and storage spaces, including drawers. In most cases, it’s common to run across clutter in drawers. This includes the ubiquitous “junk drawer”. This should be the perfect chance to clear out as much of the mess as you can as part of the overall cleaning strategy. 

At times, you might even want to make a trip to the store and get some drawer organizers even if some of them are quite expensive. These wooden or plastic inserts often go a long way in converting the messiest drawer into a tidy and well-organized space. 

You can get one for everyday things such as rubber bands, tape, and twisters. You should also avoid storing big items such as potato mashers and ladles in drawers as they consume too much space most of the time. 

5. Make the most of your storage

Given that you have little to no space in a small kitchen, buying additional storage to organize your kitchen is one of the worst decisions you can ever make. The main objective when organizing your kitchen is to downsize, not to create more storage space to hold items that you perhaps don’t even require. 

In such a case, you need to identify the items that are cluttering your storage space and come up with better ways to store them. Canned goods, for example, will still be fine even if you decide to move them to the basement. Even though retrieving them might be a hassle, it’s still worthwhile in the end for someone who wants to have a super-organized kitchen.

6. Order from chaos

When reorganizing your kitchen, you want to ensure that everything is placed in such a way that it is easy and convenient to retrieve. Since your kitchen is small and you more than likely do not have a pantry, you should consider storing food near the fridge. 

Your pans and pots should be placed as close as possible to the stove, and cutting boards should be placed closer to the sink. The main idea here is that you should identify the things that you use the most and store them by use. 

You can use the top shelves for the items that you rarely use, then work your way down in order of priority. This way, you won’t have to disorganize your storage spaces since they have some things that you don’t use so often. 

You should also consider using transparent containers for storage so that you always see what you are reaching for. When choosing storage boxes, be sure to go for the rectangular ones rather than round ones, as rectangular ones tend to take up less space. 

7. Keep it that way

Once everything has found its place and the most appropriate functional spot, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your kitchen looking organized and spacious at all times. One of the most effective is organizing the space on a daily basis. Doing small organizing tasks every day keeps you from getting cluttering the space with time so that you have to plan another major cleaning project

Other than keeping your kitchen organizing bit by bit every day, you can also use the oldest trick in the book: keeping it white. By keeping all surfaces (cabinets, walls, countertops, and even appliances!) white, your kitchen will look bigger, cleaner, and brighter.

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In conclusion

After considering and using the tips mentioned in this article, maintaining an organized kitchen will become an easier and fun thing to do. Once you have your cooking and eating space looking neat and well-organized, you’ll feel like quite a lot of weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

Rather than wading through annoying clutter all the time, you’ll have the freedom to focus on great cooking and enjoying your precious time with those you love.

George Sab is a retired home improvement professional. For over 30 years, he has educated his clients and helped them make the best choice for their homes. George started A Great Sink in 2017 to share his knowledge with the world and assist his readers on their journey to their perfect home!


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