How To Install A Bathroom Vanity Top And Backsplash (Step-by-Step)

How To Install A Bathroom Vanity Top And BacksplashA vanity top with attractive backsplash not only increases the beauty of your bathroom but also makes it more comfortable to work on. Moreover, a new vanity top will provide a new look to our bathroom. The good thing is that you don’t need to change the entire cabinet to set the vanity top.

You might think that setting them would be at least a little complicated. But you’d be wrong.

However, do you know that if you fail to place the vanity top accurately, you will end up turning the expensive piece of thing into a waste material?

Don’t worry, if you follow some easy process, you should be able to install the vanity top and backsplash precisely.

Without further delay, now I am going to share the process of installing a bathroom vanity top and backsplash.

Setting up a vanity top and backsplash

Vanity top should be installed just after the foundation of your new bathroom is finished. Nonetheless, you can install different types of attractive vanity top and backsplash while remodelling your bathroom.  Now, I will tell you the step by step process which will help you understand how to install a bathroom vanity.

But before learning the setting process you should know about things that are required to do this job precisely.

Things Needed Before Starting the Work

  1. Granite vanity top
  2. Cleaner
  3. Construction Adhesive
  4. Rags or cloth
  5. Tape
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Silicone caulk
  8. Hammer
  9. Utility knife
  10. Power drill

9 Steps Of Installing A Bathroom Vanity Top

A cost-effective or cheap sink vanity can have equal or even more effective impact on the appearance of your bathroom if it is installed properly. So, it is highly recommended to follow the following steps-

Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72BEW Valencia 72inch Double Vanity Set in Espresso with Carrara Marble TopStep 01: Measuring the width and depth

You need to know the dimensions of the vanity to set it more accurately. Use a measuring tape to calculate it more properly. You should get your new vanity top from the shop considering this measurement. Always remember that your sink needs to be placed in the perfect position above the drain hole.

Step 02:  Stop water Supply

Never start replacing the vanity top without switching off the main water supply of the bathroom. Just stop the water connection half an hour before you start updating your sink and turn on the water supply again after the full installation process is over.

Step 03:  Disconnect supply lines

At first use a pipe wrench to separate the drain pipes from the current sink unit. After that, carefully disconnect the attached supply lines coming out of the faucet system using an adjustable wrench.

Step 04: Taking out the vanity top

Remove the clips which are holding the vanity top on its place using a screwdriver. You will find these clips inside the vanity base. Then, slowly pick the old sink from its base and put it safely on the floor.

Step 05:  Recheck

Don’t forget to check the water supply lines and drain pipes. If they are too old, damaged or rusty, you should replace them before starting the new vanity installation process.

Step 06: Clean the surface

Use any sharp tool or object to remove any sticky dust or adhesive from the cabinet and wall. After that, clean the whole thing with a rag or cloth. A fresh smooth surface will ensure perfect installation of the vanity top.

 Step 07: Applying Adhesive

After finishing the cleanup process, carefully put the new top on the vanity cabinet. Use a level to check that everything is well placed. You can insert one or more shims underneath it to make the necessary adjustment. After leveling, pick up the sink and slowly apply adhesive to the upper part of the cabinet.

Step 08: Placing the bathroom vanity top

Quickly place the top part of the vanity on the center of the bathroom cabinet. Strongly secure the sink to the base with the help of a screwdriver. After that, set up the faucets on the vanity top according to the company’s instructions manual. Finally, attach the water pipes to the vanity top with a wrench.

 Step 09: Finishing the Edges

To prevent water leakage, use a bead of caulk around the borders of the vanity top. You can use a caulking gun to perform this task.

 3 Steps Installing A Backsplash

A backsplash enhances the attractiveness of a cabinet and vanity top. Some vanity tops come with integral backsplashes while other tops can be designed with separate marble or stone backsplashes. Now, we will discuss the process of installing a backsplash.

Step 01: Sand the wall surface

Use 12-grit sandpaper to polish the wall where you are going to place the backsplash. Also, clean the wall with a cleaning liquid and let it dry.

Step 02: Add adhesive

Use glue in a round pattern on the back part of the backsplash at both ends. Also, put adhesive in the center backside. Now, position it against the wall near the vanity top. Carefully adjust the backsplash lining up with the boundaries of the sink top. Gently push it forward towards the wall. Clean unwanted glue from the edges with a cloth.

Step 03: Apply tape and caulk

Now use a bead of caulk to the wall. Carefully mix the caulk to have a fine and thin layer of caulk with no cracks. Put tape to the joining point of backsplash and vanity top. Leave small space(less than an inch) between the tapes. Let the glue and caulk stay at their position for 24 hours with the help of the tape.

To wrap up,

A bathroom vanity top and backsplash make your bathroom looks gorgeous. A vanity is an extremely useful thing also. But, to set this thing properly into your bathroom you need to follow the above-mentioned steps accurately. An Incorrect operation could lead to breaking the vanity or the backsplash itself.

I’m sure by now you already know enough about the process installing a bathroom vanity top and backsplash. If my article manages to help you set up the vanity top and backsplash appropriately, then I’ll consider my efforts successful.

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