How to Clean Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe With Basic Home Stuff!

How to Clean Kitchen Sink Drain PipeThat was the most insanely embarrassing night of my life. I still remember how my whole house warming party was ruined because of a mere thing. Which practically is not mere once it happens. 

The horrible thing was a CLOGGED DRAIN.

Turkey fat and some cucumber peel were trapped inside the pipe. Green murky water vomiting from the kitchen sink strainer was absolutely not a sight anybody wants to see. 

I lost my appetite since my pre-dinner bustle was plunging the kitchen sink.

How to Clean Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe: Tricks That Worked for Me!

If after buying an affordable sink, you believe that your responsibility is over, then please step aside from those imaginations.

Because that’s when the sink maintenance chapter begins. And it’s certainly not the most fun thing you’ll across.

You’ll need to know the proper way of clearing a sink drain pipe. Because at some point, this will take happen to you. Possibly you are already dealing with one right now.

Here are some formulas that worked greatly for me. I’m not saying all of them will get you rid from this situation. But considering the severity of clog, you need to pick a suitable solution. 

Let me spill down these tricks one by one.

Cool Down and Get Some Hot Water

I wanted to start with the iconic baking soda and vinegar formula. However, some people tend to be completely against the idea. I don’t want people to bash me in my emails and comment section. So, I’ll begin with one basic trick to unclog your kitchen sink, putting last the whole baking soda and vinegar thing.

And for this, you’ll need, BOILING WATER. Yes, that’s it!

Get a kettle or pan and boil some water in it. Once it starts to reach the boiling point, pour slowly over sink drain. 

You don’t want to pour altogether. Gradually put down two to three times. So that the water gets a few seconds to meltdown whatever is causing clog.

This is probably the easiest way to get rid of clogs. However only when the clog isn’t too rough one. If you get rid of it, use the rest of water to make a cup of tea and enjoy.

However, if the clog is still there, go for next technique.  

Magic Puller, Plunger

Yes, it’s the very usual and common rubber plunger that you are been using for years. I just gave it a cheesy name because that’s how I feel when there’s a clogged drain to clean. Anyway, moving on to how this tool helps.

If you notice that those blocking items are stuck inside curved pipe of your sink, then plunger needs to enter the chat. 

Usually known as p-trap, this curvy pipe area is hard to unclog using any other tool. Use some water splash and clean down the surrounding area.

You need to fill half of the sink bowl with water. It’s time to give a good plunging now. Keep on doing so until the clog completely disappears. You can pour hot water at the end of this process to rinse and ensure there’s no clog at all.

The plunger has a design that unclogs blocked particles easily. So that it can simply pass down through the drain pipe. After that, using hot water will wash them down the drain and make way absolutely clear.

The Hook-Attached-To-Wire Way

For this process, you need huge wire and a simple S-shaped hook. Attach hook at the end of wire and you are ready to unclog. 

This is an effective way to get rid of small objects or hair stuck in sink drain pipes.

Start with removing the strainer. Get rid of any visible dirt from it. Wear a good pair of gloves and gradually insert the hook. You don’t want your hands to get gross.

Now simply pull the hook and let all decomposed hair or gunk get out. You need to keep repeating until the clog is gone. Let the water flow and clear out anything remaining. Put on the drain cover and done.

The Iconic Baking Soda & Vinegar Duo!

If you find out none of this working, then maybe trying the vinegar and baking soda trick isn’t really bad. 

I know, some of you won’t want to. You can scroll down and read the other parts in such case. I’ll write it down because it worked for me several times. Of course, there are cases when this trick fails to save you from the clog.

So, for the formula, you’ll need to combine a similar portion of vinegar and baking soda in a cup or bowl. Without making any delay, pour this entire mixture into the clogged way. There should be a chemical reaction or fizzing.

This fizz of baking soda and vinegar will basically get rid of gunk, hair, and grime that built inside the drain pipe. 

You want to leave it for an hour or overnight. It actually depends on the severity of clog. Simply rinse it with hot water and the clog should go away.

You can also put dry baking soda directly into the drain first. Then pour vinegar to get the fizzing action done properly.

If You Don’t Want This to Happen Ever Again

Clean the kitchen sink drain line once in a month to keep food filth away from causing clogs.

Don’t let chicken skin, peels, carrots, bones, eggshells, celery, coffee grounds or fruit pits get into the drain line.

Never pour greasy liquid or utensil with too much oil on the sink. Wipe it with a paper towel first and then go for rinsing.


That’s it! I hope you have a better perception of kitchen sink drain pipe cleaning. Don’t forget to read the manual of your sink before you try any chemical cleaner. 

It’s also wise to read the label of any cleaning product you use. There might be some ingredient that can ruin the surface or texture of your kitchen sink.

On that note, I’ll be leaving for now. If you have any confusion, ask me down in the comment section below. Good Luck on Getting A Clog-Free Kitchen Life!

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