How to Clean a Franke Sink And Keep It Sparkling Forever!

Whenever I think about well texture and durable finish sinks there’s this one brand that comes to my mind. Franke! They are great and look super in the kitchen and bathroom areas. I have three from the composite material ones that use acrylic and fired granite. Totally in love with them since the first day!

But my passion for this would not keep it clean and sparkling anymore. I had to do something to maintain the beauty and keep up with well upholding habits. One thing for that list is proper cleaning. Today I’ll be sharing how to clean a Franke sink with all the proud owners of this precious beauty.

How to Clean a Franke Sink
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Using the Right Cleaner!

Some manufacturer will recommend specific Franke composite sink cleaning agents. If you are good with buying them separately then the thing is done already! However, some of us would like to save our money and find something within the house. I won’t say which option is better because to me both sound okay.

However, you definitely have to pick something that deals with bacterial growth. There will be regular hard water mineral build ups also. There will be nonporous composite elements of stains that are really gross looking. So mild soap water maybe not the right choice for such hard stains. You need to think about the type of dirt in deal.

Let me name some good options you can try. There’s vinegar, oxalic acid powder, bleach and for some cases dish detergents. These are some common Franke composite granite sink cleaning ingredients. You can easily grab these from the kitchen cabinet.

Here’s a list of things you should never use for cleaning.

  1. Any hypochlorite bleach is a big no for cleaning Franke sinks.
  2. Avoid any cleaner that includes sliver dips in it.
  3. You should not use ingredients that can cause pitting or corrosion. For example salt, citric fruit juice, mustard, mayonnaise, and pickles. Never put these on sink’s surface, it only causes bad than any good.
  4. Photo developing liquids or denture liquid that has strong acids should be averted. You should wash them right away if they ever come in contact with Franke sinks.
  5. Never use steel wool pads. They are harsh!
  6. Ignore washing up bowls made of plastic.

Too Dirty Sinks Need Thorough Scrubbing

There are many who ask me how to clean a composite granite sink Franke that shows food stains, heavy rust. These are all the elements that do not go well with simple soap water runs. I’ll say use scrubbing method!

I know some of you would find it risky to use hard bristle brushes and scrubbers to rub the surface of these sinks. But rust is something very hard to deal with. It’s kind of the last rescue process you might need to go through.

However, if I say scrub, it does not mean you would have to bash anger on the scrubbing pad while rubbing. Relax! What I mean to say is you should first try breaking the rust with some strong ingredients. For example vinegar and baking powder. Soak it for a little while. Then simply scrub with soft force.

How often should you scrub the sinks? It depends! It relies on the using frequency of that sink. But on average you should scrub the bathroom sink after every 30 uses.

A nice cleaning recipe can be a squeeze of dishwasher liquid mixed with a bowl of warm water. Use a sponge and dip it well. Now use the sponge to gently scrub. When you notice that the sink needs a thorough scrub use a cleaning spray instead.

Sparking Process!

There are numerous hacks and tricks to make sink sparkle and shine. This is important for the person who cares about decoration and looks of his or her house. So if you are one of them, pay attention. This one technique I’m about to break down will make you damn happy. Trust me, it works like magic!

Get some paper towels and line them up on the sink. You need to soak these well with bleach. It would take thirty minutes for these towels to sit. Remove them once the time period is over. Simply run water and rinse the sink. Done!

If the sink you use is colorful then it’s better not to use bleach. Try making a recipe instead. There are vinegar, baking soda or mild liquid detergent cleaning mixtures you can make to use. Gee… You’ll be loving the results. Just as shiny as the first time you got them!

Regular Protection Habits for Cleaning!

There are many! But I’ll be pointing out the important ones. First and foremost, get a perforated plastic mat. Make sure to install this thing right below your sink. It would protect your sink from any type of marks or scratches. Also, it keeps good care of all the dishes. Avoiding scratches on a regular purpose will end up making cleaning easier later.

Keep in mind to avoid salad dressing, acidic foods, fruit or vinegar lingers on the surface for a long time. These ingredients are the main cause of longtime marks. Also, they leave behind ugly stains that look so gross and unhealthy.

When you scrub, avoid hard scouring powders also. Especially for regular clean up. Go with warm water and mild detergents for everyday purpose.

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It’s easy to buy a good quality sink but maintaining the worth will need effort. Without good clean up habits, you cannot expect anything to last for long. No matter how expensive or reliable brand it comes from. So there’s absolutely no way you can avoid regular plus occasional thorough cleaning.

That’s it, folks! Hopefully, this simple but effective cleanup will sort your worries. I’m sure you’ll love a sparkling sink in your space making the whole home décor pop up. Don’t believe me, just try and see it for yourself! Good Luck!


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