Hahn Sink Reviews – Handmade ZR002 32-Inch Undermount

Hahn Sink Reviews-Hahn Handmade ZR002Among many Hahn sink reviews, we are going to cover the Hahn Handmade ZR002 model. Though there are many sink reviews all over the online, we are taking Hahn as our prior on the top list.

Hahn has a lot of kitchen sink following their own technical features. And most of them are loved by users enormously. If we look at the other sinks, which are obviously pricey but not so functional in terms of features and benefits.

Are you here for searching one of the Hahn stainless steel sink reviews? Well, then a big high five to you!

Our teams of sink reviewers have gone through a lot of Hahn sink to find the best Hahn kitchen sink for you.

Technical Features Of Hahn Handmade ZR002 32-Inch Undermount Single Bowl Sink

Your kitchen is the core of your heart and your family. It’s you who can make the kitchen more of it. If we look at the happy family, most of them have a beautifully organized kitchen. It sounds odd, right?

Somehow an organized kitchen brings the best cooking and washing experience you have ever desired for.

Well, technical features are important for the flexibility and durability of a sink. However, this Hahn is really worthy of being installed in your kitchen.

  • Sink Weight – 51.8 pounds
  • Dimensions – 32 x 19 x 10 inches
  • Installation Process – Undermount
  • Manufacturer – Hahn
  • Steel Type – Stainless steel type 304
  • Bowl – Single Bowl
  • Finish – Satin
  • Made In – Canada

Additional Features & Benefits of Hahn Handmade ZR002:

There are some untold features by the Hahn manufacturers that we are going to express. Maybe you are some who is not able to decide which kitchen sink to choose.

Let’s pay heed to the most promising features that you are looking for.

Premium Steel:

Undoubtedly there are many stainless-steel kitchen sinks over the market. But, getting a premium quality stainless steel isn’t a quite easy task.

Gladly, the Hahn ZR002 is made of premium stainless-steel type 304. This type of steel has a higher density. That’s why it is mostly used in sinks and saucepans.

So, the sinks can endure water pressure, heat, and coldness. Actually, this material makes the stainless-steel sturdy to go through any situation.

If you drain boiling pasta water or clean the frozen meats, the sink won’t have any difference. The color, structure, and durability will remain the same. So, you get the freedom of work in this sink without any disturbance though you work with the hottest or coldest materials. And that makes it a perfect professional Hahn chef sink.

Noise-free performance:

Noise is always unwelcomed in our kitchen. So, you don’t even want any water dropping noise in your kitchen, right? Well, the whole sink has sound deadening coating to prevent noise. If you are someone who cooks often and probably cook at night, then you might love this Hahn sink. It doesn’t create any noisy environment around you while you do your cooking part. This sink has its own reputation for maintaining one of the best Hahn chef series sink reviews among many sinks’ reviews out there.


The traditional kitchen is a desire for many. But who can achieve it? You need to apply a lot of admiration in your kitchen. Then the kitchen probably could become a designer kitchen somehow. From your cabinet to basin, everything needs to be well organized, designed, and color matching.

If you have a red wall and you get a blue color cabinet it might destroy your whole idea for a traditional classic kitchen look. Thus, happen with the sink too!

This handmade chef series kitchen sink from Hahn is all the way very fashionable. Combination of grey and silver color makes the sink attractive and fashionable. You can install any theme in your kitchen. Its color goes with any decoration. So, getting it for your kitchen is really worthy.

Extra Large Bowl:

Are you looking for a bathroom sink? Generally, big bowl sinks are always needed for bathroom usage. So, you can easily wash your clothes in the large bowl and have the best of cleaning.

Else, big families or a restaurant chef knows the necessity of having a large bowl. This Hahn sink comes with an extra-large single bowl which gives the flexibility during work. It offers a comfortable cleaning experience to you whether it’s clothes or utensils.

Apart from the large bowl, it is deep. So, you can drain the water while cleaning easily.


It has an additional grating for making the sink scratch free. You can be very rough while using it, but the scratch will hardly occur on this sink.

There are some people who like to cut meats or fishes on the sink. And that is the situation where the sink gets scratches. But this sink is never going to make you experience scratches even you cut meats or fishes on it. So, enjoy a scratch-free workspace all over life.


  • Sound deadening performance.
  • Draining process works superbly.
  • The big deep bowl offers flexibility.
  • Offers durable performance for stainless steel construction.
  • Undermount installation.


  • Could have more bowls for versatility.

FAQ On Hahn Handmade ZR002 Sink Review:

Question: Can it drain the debris perfectly?

Answer: It can clean away all the debris without any hassle. The slope is enough flexible for clearing the debris.

Question: Does The corner’s edge create any disturbance?

Answer: The edges are polished smoothly that you won’t be ever hurt. Its corners are rounded with the smoother finish for easily be cleaned.

Question: This sink is big but is it giant in size?

Answer: well, it is enough larger to hold your dishes and clothes but it’s not giant in size. You can easily maintain it.

Question: Does it stain?

Answer: No, it never stains! Though you clean all the stinky fish or meats on this sink, it doesn’t stain. It gives a fresh sensation to you always.

Question: Does it get scratch?

Answer: No, it is scratch-free for having a grate on it.

Final Words:

As you’ve all the details about the sink from our Hahn sink reviews, you can make up your mind to get one of it. It’s a budget-friendly sink with all the features that a very costly sink is missing out. People who have used it till now have positive feedback about it. If you really want to spend your money on the right sink, this Hahn sink has no better alternative choice.


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