Franke vs Blanco Granite Sinks | Battle Between Budget & Eminence!

A kitchen trend aficionado might tell you that granite sinks are not a go-to choice anymore. But in reality, there are no signs that granite sinks are losing their popularity. The natural stone blended with resin gives you a hard-wearing countertop sink that looks fabulous in every way.

If you are a vintage or retro lover, I am dead-sure you’ll enjoy a masterpiece created with this curated blend in your farmhouse kitchen.

There are two brands that most people will get confused on for a good quality granite sink. These are Franke and Blanco. Franke is generally considered to be a more economical brand, whereas Blanco is a more expensive brand know for it high-end features.

Let’s do a complete comparison of Franke vs. Blanco granite sinks today.

Franke Vs. Blanco Granite Sinks

Visual Comparison Of Franke Vs. Blanco Granite Sinks

FeaturesFranke Granite SinksBlanco Granite Sinks
Construction QualityGoodExcellent
Food SafeNoYes
Clean UpVery EasyA Little Time-Consuming
Color OptionsUp To 9Up To 5

About Franke & Blanco

Franke is an excellent sink and faucet brand that has been gaining people’s trust for more than a hundred years. With regular innovations, excellent service, nice warranty options, good range of products and reliability that hardly anyone can match, Franke has come a long way.

Blanco is also a sink and faucet label that has been producing excellent products since 1925. Even though they started with less manpower, today they are one of the most talked-about and high-quality sink brands in the world.

The quality Blanco provides is hardly comparable to other brands. It has made a space for themselves in the very top slots as a high-end and reliable manufacturer for sinks and faucets.

Construction Quality

Franke sinks are processed with 4/5 quarts sand and 1/5 hard acrylic resin. It comes with a really elegant finish that looks beautiful to anyone. Definitely, it has better attention-grabbing properties than any other brand.

Also, with its strong built, it proves to survive a good period of time in your kitchen. You just have to make sure to give it enough time for regular maintenance and clean up. The texture is finely done but not porous. Also, the finishing touch on the products is usually warm with a subtle shine that glows up your whole kitchen.

However, Blanco sinks have a strong construction point with a few other interesting features too. The stone is scratch proof and hardly gets spotted. This is not a guaranteed feature with Franke. Also, you don’t need to worry about high temperatures ruining the finish since Blanco Silgranit is built to survive that. With Franke, this is not going to happen.

Even with such little flaws, Franke is still one of the best in its price range. But comparing it to the high-end Blanco, it is probably a few steps behind in terms of picture-perfect construction.

Color Options

Kitchen sinks are mostly the last thing you worry about while planning home. For a last-minute option, you’ll probably want to get a stainless-steel sink. Because you have already decided the kitchen, floor, and worktop designs. Matching a granite sink finish sounds difficult, right? Absolutely Not!

Franke and Blanco both have some really universal finishes that match almost any kitchen style sink. There are nine color options available with Franco, that’s a lot of variety. For a simplistic house owner to the most eccentric, there is usually a good fit for everyone.

Those who prefer brown shades can make their kitchen look really elegant with colors like champagne, mocha, oyster, and storm from Franke. Also, there are Shadow grey, onyx, oyster, storm, and graphite shades for those who are more into greyish or black options.

Now, Blanco also has a good number of color options available. But it’s slightly behind Franke. They come up with a total of six elegant colors that look really sophisticated.

One thing that makes it a bit better here is the fact that its colors are non-damaging. With regular wash up, sunlight streaming, or other issues, Blanco granite sinks don’t mess up their color concept. It keeps on retaining.

If you are someone who prefers timeless looks then subtle grey might be your ideal pick. You can do something creative by choosing fancy creamy coffee brown or rock grey warmth concept. A bit more popular anthracite will also make your space really stand out.

With more color options Franke seems to be in the same line with Blanco that provides better color solidity. It depends on what you prefer more.

Better Functions

Franke granite sinks come with single and dual bowl designs. It includes sanitized treatment which naturally keeps the surface of your sink free from bacteria. The granite sinks are well designed and easy to use. You will certainly love its performance for everyday usage.

Also, it can resist stains and temperature moderately well. However, don’t expect it to be an overwhelming choice that can survive tough stains or extreme heat. The heat and stain resistance relative to its price seems fantastic, but there are certain limitations for the price reduction.

If you can commit to a little attention and care towards your sink, you can rock your kitchen life with Franke.

A Blanco granite sink is more than just a bowl and drainer. It surely has a good name for being a timeless classic. At the same time, it’s really practical for regular or even commercial usage. Most restaurants and professional chefs will consider Blanco as their number one choice for their workspace.

The functional ability of Blanco is bound to better with its high-end price tag that doesn’t seem like a bad thing to quality-conscious home owners.

Users love the space between bowl and drainer. It is like a bonus area where they can easily place veggie’s cuttings and peels. For a huge family, a sink is never too big. Blanco is just the right thing for them. With good size, it comes up with a smart design that allows for the possibility of multi-tasking.

With vibrant colors and a healthy price tag, Franke is a more practical option if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck. But Blanco wins the race for providing a better inset and level worktop with solid performance.

Style Variety

You can’t avoid the tone of your whole kitchen when it comes to matching a sink. It’s not just the material but overall construction that will matter.

There are several style options available with Blanco. Their famous apron-front IKON sinks are a huge hit recently. It comes with a humble statement that sets your decor apart.

Also, there is the award-winning Modex with a huge space offering possibility. SILGRANIT is a widespread style from Blanco focusing on installation flexibility. With Precis you can set up your professional desires in an elegant kitchen. Diamond series granite sinks are for a classy looking hardworking kitchen concept.

There are two more styles known as Valea and Vision. You see, there is no way one can avoid falling in love with its different auras.

Franke, on the other hand, is a great fit for those who prefer a kitchen with more traditional design than contemporary looks. However, there are still a few modern designs available but somewhat less juicy to fulfill my expectations.

Overall, comparing both lines of style options, Blanco has the edge when it comes to stylish, classy looking kitchen sinks.

Easy to Clean

Blanco granite sinks are pampered with a lot of processes and coatings. So, it’s definitely hard to put a spot or scratch on it. You’ll hardly need to deep clean it if you are not a rough user.

Also, sunlight or other damaging sink elements do no harm its surface. The high-quality sink has a good mechanism to survive in really hard circumstances.

However, if you do need to clean it, the process might be a bit daunting. For stunning results, the manufacturer suggests deep cleanse every four weeks. Also, you would have to keep it dry with microfiber cloth wiping.

Franke comes with a nice formula that can fight bacteria and negative effects ruining your kitchen’s hygiene. The modern integrated sanitized hygiene function is a unique addition in Franke sinks that can keep surface free from bacteria.

It also reduces the chance of any microbe or grime growth. With a treated material, you can simply go with regular clean up and keep it shining for a long time.

Both Blanco and Franke do an excellent job to make it quite hassle-free for a regular clean up and occasional deep cleaning.


Franke is a reasonable brand that offers granite sinks at various price points. You can expect a pricey choice to be better in quality than the less-expensive options. But, even the economical options available can give you a good set of features to make your kitchen life simpler.

But you can’t expect it to be as high quality and long-lasting as Blanco. With maximum stability and sturdiness, Blanco granite sinks come with a lot of pre-processing and manufacturing benefits that make it a premium choice for anyone. That’s why it deservingly has a higher price tag deservingly.

Franke granite sinks can give you beauty and go-to features at a reasonable price. But Blanco is an undefeated choice for better performance, finish, quality, and features even with a high-end price tag.


You get a limited lifetime warranty that’s going to cover manufacturing defects with Franke. This is available for material and workmanship. You need to follow the normal residential usage to enjoy it.

The same goes for Blanco however it also provides replacement with defects. In most cases, you don’t even have to pay the sipping cost.

There is not much to compare about warranty since both brands actually offer similar benefits here.


Both sinks from Franke and Blanco have their own problems that can be a bit bizarre for users. Blanco comes with some really good looking and high functioning abilities, no doubt.

But its price tag somehow bounds many users to experience the disappointment of having to go out of their budget. I believe, Blanco can do so much better by including some reasonable options to satisfy the money conscious groups as well.

Franke scores some really high points with nice reasonable price point options. However, they still need to fix their construction quality. It’s really not okay to get spots and scratches whenever you slightly make a mistake.

Both brands offer granite sinks that can break a lot of glasses and utensils. It’s actually the composite material that makes it happen, can’t really blame the brand.

Who Wins the Race?

Franke and Blanco come with their own strong points and weak sides that makes both of them better than other in certain different fields. But, for the sake of calling it a comparison, if you consider each and every feature, Blanco seems a bit more ahead than Franke.

Granite sinks are more about sturdiness and beauty. Both Blanco and Franke do their respective job to provide good functionality and beautiful looking kitchen sinks. You will most certainly find a suitable pick from their unique and feature-rich lineups.

Overall, the experience will be smooth and hassle-free for most parts with a few setbacks that are quite obvious and practically unavoidable, no matter what brand.

George Sab is a retired home improvement professional. For over 30 years, he has educated his clients and helped them make the best choice for their homes. George started A Great Sink in 2017 to share his knowledge with the world and assist his readers on their journey to their perfect home!


  1. My fiarst delivery of the Franke came in pieces. It sure made me think about how long one of these sinks will last before cracking.
    I got the replacement no-charge and now I am waiting for my granite fabricator to install.
    I don’t have a good feeling- even the disposal hanging on this sink seems an impossibility.


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