Best Kitchen Sink Strainer Reviews | Top 5 Picks Of 2021

Best Kitchen Sink Strainer ReviewsA well-run kitchen is truly the centerpiece of any household. Nothing makes one feel more at home than the act of cooking for loved ones.

Having said that, even the smallest inconsistencies in the set-up of your kitchen can cause a significant sense of frustration.

Take the kitchen sink strainer. Unless you take the time to pick out the best kitchen sink strainer, you will have to deal with such unpleasantness as clogging, foul odor, and bacterial build-up.

Which are not only all exceedingly ugly things but also the precursors to bigger problems down the line.

Not to worry: we’ve done the research and analysis, so you don’t have to. Our findings are presented below, with a comprehensive buying guide.

KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer Sink Strainer

Editor’s Pick

The KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer is our top pick for sink strainers; the reliability of Kohler’s products is proven in both its design make.

Equipped with a sturdy tailpipe, this strainer is made from high-quality brass, and also available in 8 appealing and durable finishes to suit your kitchen.

We love that it’s designed to fit into most kitchen sinks: as long as yours is 3-1/2 to 4 inches, it doesn't matter what brand produced it or what it's made from; this strainer will fit it.

Finally, installing this strainer is also a walk in the park. Great features all around!

1. KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer Sink Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from premium quality brass for durability
  • Comes in 8 different finish and color options
  • Includes a closely sealed stopper for water collection
  • Easy to install thanks to the quick-lock install system
  • High aesthetic appeal thanks to the stylish design
KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer Sink Strainer

We're starting off our list of reviews with one of the most widely recognized names in the plumbing and kitchen fixtures industry: Kohler. The K-8801 strainer is simple in its design yet highly efficient in its performance; here's what we love about it.

Constructed from brass for superior durability, this strainer also comes with a number of other finishes, including chrome, nickel, and bronze. Each unique finish has a decidedly stylish look, so don't worry about finding a strainer that fits your kitchen aesthetic.

So let's look at some specs. Fitted with a tailpiece of 1-1/2x4 inches, the strainer is suitable for use with sinks having 3-1/2 to 4 inch outlets. The strainer also comes with a basket strainer that can be removed according to the needs of the situation.

But how does it perform? The brass construction not only offers durability but can handle heavy-duty performance; don't worry, because Kohler has put the strainer through multiple tests. So, you can comfortably expect this strainer to last many years no matter how much liquid is passing through it.

Furthermore, the thing is super easy to install. This is thanks to the integrated quick-lock system, which allows the strainer to connect seamlessly to your sink.

While it's true that this strainer isn't the most affordable one out there, we would argue that the reliable durability and robust construction of the thing certainly make up for it!

2. KOHLER K-8799-VS Duostrainer Sink Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a detachable basket strainer
  • Features a convenient stopper that seals tightly
  • Able to fit the majority of kitchen sinks outlets
  • Available in 6 different finish/color choices
KOHLER K-8799-VS Duostrainer Sink Strainer

As most users of their products will tell you, the quality of Kohler creations cannot be overstated, and that’s why they deserve two places on our list (which should also be your list!).

The strainer is constructed from high-quality, durable brass, which not only offers resistant to rust and corrosion but can do so over the course of many, many years. This thing has been made for heavy-duty operations, and it shows.

Speaking of aesthetics, we love how this one looks, as well. With a signature Kohler look that is bound to complement the overall feel of any modern kitchen, the strainer also comes in 6 different color finish options, including nickel, chrome, and stainless.

You can expect this strainer to fit your kitchen sink effortlessly; it has been designed to fit all 3-1/2-Inch or 4-Inch sink outlets. The included stopper is also bound to make your life easier for when you're not in a hurry to let all the collected water go!

In short, this strainer is pretty much the same as the last one by them we reviewed; the only difference is that it does not come with a tailpiece. Therefore, make your choice between the two Kohler strainers depending on whether or not you require the tailpiece component.

3. BLANCO 441090 Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Features an uncomplicated open/close design for ease of use
  • Designed for seamless removal and replacement
  • Made from the highest quality materials for reliable durability
  • Perfectly compatible with the Silgranit line of sinks from Blanco
  • Comes in 11 attractive color options including cafe brown and metallic grey
  • Highly affordable compared to other high-end strainers on the market
BLANCO 441090 Kitchen Sink Decorative Drain Basket Strainer

Given the number of options on the market, settling on the best sink strainer basket is definitely a process that requires some thought. This anthracite strainer from Blanco, though, is a close contender for the title.


If you've heard of Blanco before, then you'll already know that the products they manufacture are recognized primarily for their high-end finish and assured durability. This strainer, in particular, comes in a variety of finishes in various construction materials, such as stainless steel and anthracite.

This strainer is made in the basket style, which allows it to be integrated seamlessly into your kitchen's existing filter and drainage system. Furthermore, the design facilitates effortless removal and replacement for easy, quick cleaning, and maintenance.

Despite all the great features we've just described, though, Blanco has priced this strainer so reasonably that it's almost unbelievable. So yes, there's nothing we have to really complain about about this sink, and it's definitely worth your consideration.

4. Whitehaus Collection RNW35L-ORBH Basket Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Easily fits into all 3 ½ kitchen sink strainer outlets
  • Constructed from durable and stylish bronze with an oil-rubbed finish
  • Offers superior ease of use with an easily removable design
  • Available in a number of different finishes to suit your preferences
Whitehaus Collection RNW35L-ORBH

Whitehaus is another reliable manufacturer of kitchen implements, even though their name may be less known to some. This strainer, made from the highest quality bronze and available in different finishes, is definitely going to appeal to those with a finer taste.

Although this strainer is designed specifically to fit the highly sought after fireclay line of sinks from Whitehaus, you can rest assured that it will fit seamlessly into your 3 ½ kitchen sink strainer outlet.

Furthermore, the attractive oil-rubbed bronze finish is bound to suit the overall aesthetic of your kitchen sink and its surroundings; if not, you have 6 other finishes to choose from!

Something else we really appreciate about this strainer is that it has been made super easy to install with a cohesive design that you're bound to love. The removable basket, as well, speaks volumes as to the overall thoughtfulness that went into the making of this product.

And if you have one of the aforementioned Whitehaus sinks, well, that’s great news, isn’t it? The longevity, performance, and aesthetic value of all Whitehaus products are nearly unmatched by even older names in the game, and the same can definitely be said for this neat little sink strainer.

5. Elkay LKQS35GY Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from high quality, scratch-resistant polymer
  • Suitable for use with kitchen sinks having a 3-1/2" drain opening.
  • Extremely easy to clean; just use a soft cloth and mild detergent
  • The convenient design effortlessly stops waste in its tracks
  • Designed to be ultra-resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Designed to match Elkay Quartz Luxe or Quartz Classic sinks perfectly
  • Comes in a staggering variety of 16 different finishes to suit any kitchen’s aesthetic
Elkay LKQS35GY DRAIN WITH REMOVABLE Dusk Gray Disposer Strainer

We're ending this list of reviews with a highly rated and highly functional strainer from Elkay. If you've been sleeping on this brand, then it's time to wake up!

The main reason this strainer ended up on our list has a lot to do with its make: constructed from high quality polymer; it stands out from the droves of strainers made from metal.

While metal strainers have their benefits, the durability of polymer is surprising; more importantly, however, they are far more superior to all sorts of external influences, including rusting, scratching, and staining.

And on that note, cleaning this thing is almost unforgivably easy. You can swiftly take the strainer out of its basket in one easy motion thanks to the seamless design and then set about cleaning it with the help of just a soft cloth and some mild detergent.

Oh, and because the thing is made from polymer, the color options available to you are not dependent on the type of metal finish. Consequently, this little guy comes in 16 different colors (our favorites are Pecan and Maraschino!).

With all of that being said, however, the price of the strainer might be considered by some to be too high, given that it is made from polymer. In our experience, though, it entirely depends on your existing kitchen fixtures. You know about that better than anyone else, so make your decision accordingly!

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Kitchen Sink Strainer Buying Guide

It might seem like finding the right kitchen sink drain strainer isn’t something that requires a lot of thought. That’s not entirely untrue; however, when it comes to these little guys, a little attention goes a long way.

So here are the factors to keep in mind before making your selection.

Construction Material

The very first, and in many ways, the most important factor to consider is what the strainer is made of. While the majority of strainers are constructed from steel, many also come in brass or plastic.

Stainless steel is undoubtedly the best option: it's the material most resistant to rust and corrosion, which is an important consideration given that your strainer will be coming into constant contact with moisture and water.

Brass is another great option, especially if your sink is brass-colored; however, it is somewhat less durable than stainless steel.

Plastic is the cheapest option; furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of rusting completely. On the other hand, they might wear out quicker and consequently need to be replaced sooner.

Basket Style

The "basket" of the kitchen sink strainer is basically the hollowed-out depression in the strainer. There are 2 main types of baskets: porous and mesh.

A mesh basket has relatively smaller holes in it compared to that of a porous basket. This allows them to more efficiently catch food particles, which is preferable to some.

As you can imagine, porous-type baskets are far easier to clean than mesh ones.


One important consideration is that of understanding the function of the stopper in the strainer you've selected.

Although the main function of a strainer is to let as much water through, sometimes you want a slowly-draining one that allows water to accumulate in the sink before passing through. This can be useful for when you're trying to pile dirty dishes or other similar activities.

That's where a stopper comes in. It's basically what it sounds like: it stops water from getting through. It can usually be activated via a central knob or a post fitted into the kitchen sink cabinet.

Ease of Use

It might be difficult to imagine how a strainer might be difficult to use. However, imagine reaching down to try to take it out in order to clean it, but it's stuck. Imagine the frustration!

That's why it's important to select a strainer that is designed for ease of use. For example, many strainers come with handles that allow you to easily lift them out when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the function of a kitchen sink strainer?

It filters out all the water that collects in your sink. Many strainers can also be set up to lead directly to the garbage disposal. Consult a plumber for the best drainage/filter system for your kitchen.

2. What is the best construction material for a kitchen sink drainer?

A stainless steel sink strainer is your best bet if you're concerned about durability, as they offer superior rust and corrosion resistance. If you want to spend less, though, you can opt for a plastic one, although they are less durable.

3. Do I need a strainer with a stopper?

Your life will certainly be easier with one. A stopper allows you to control the flow of the water according to the needs of the situation.

4. What is the best kitchen sink strainer?

Even though it’s a little expensive, the KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer is particularly durable and efficient.

5. What are the main components of a sink strainer?

The strainer is part of a larger filtering system fitted into your sink, which includes, besides the strainer, the body of the strainer as well as a cardboard washer, tailpiece washer, and locknut.


The best kitchen sink strainers come in all shapes and sizes, but the brass KOHLER K-8801-VS Duostrainer is definitely our favorite, thanks to its durable and stylish make.

If you’re looking to spend a little less, though, we suggest going for the polymer Elkay LKQS35GY.

And if you’re still confused, why not refer to our buying guide?

Whichever you choose, we hope your sink is always clean and unclogged!

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