Best Double Sink Vanities Review in 2021 | Top 5 Picks!

Best Double Sink Vanities ReviewOne of the most prominent marks of a well-structured bathroom is its vanity. The vanity can make or break both the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

A vanity is crucial in many ways. Not only does it conceal the sink’s plumbing, but it also adds surfaces and storage options for your bathroom products. And because the vanity is for many, arguably, the centerpiece of the bathroom, how it looks, is also of importance.

The best double sink vanities can make an even bigger difference because they allow more members of the family to spread out and use the bathroom without jostling for space.

So today, we’re not just reviewing the best vanities, but also laying out a comprehensive buying guide.

Walcut Black 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo Double Cabinet with Double Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop Up Drain

This 60-inch Walcut vanity and sink combo is ideal for those seeking the best double vanities on a small budget. With spacious storage options, including both cabinets and drawers, its modern and minimalistic design is bound to fit the aesthetic of any bathroom design. Plus, it’s super easy to install!

Top 5 Best Double Sink Vanities Reviews

Now without further ado, let’s jump right into our reviews. We have sincerely and thoroughly researched every option you’ll find on this list, so we’re sure you won’t come away dissatisfied. Let’s get started!

1. - Jocelyn 60-Inch (60") Bathroom Sink Vanity Set

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant and classy marble countertop with matching backsplash
  • Features 4 middle drawers and two bottom drawers
  • Solid wood construction ensures reliable durability
  • Available in white, charcoal, distressed gray and dark blue color options
  • Gold-colored brushed nickel hardware adds a touch of elegance

Jocelyn 60-Inch Bathroom Sink Vanity Set with White Italian Carrara Marble TopThe first double vanity from UbranFurnishing that we have selected for your consideration is undoubtedly one of our favorites. With a minimalistic design that is both simple and elegant, this white double vanity is going to appeal to those with elevated taste.

First off, let’s discuss the Italian Carrara marble top with a backsplash to match. Marble can always be depended upon to add a touch of class to any room it’s installed in, but its real winning feature is its durability.

Not to mention that it goes perfectly with the solid wood construction of the vanity itself. Solid wood is, undoubtedly, always the best option for those who value longevity. You can expect this vanity to last you for many, many years to come.

But enough about how it looks; how does it perform?

Well, beyond the durability it offers, this vanity set is also specifically built to enhance functionality. The drawers in one column down the middle and one on each side provide ample space for your bathroom essentials; furthermore, the soft-closing hinges make them smooth and durable.

The matching mirror also deserves mention, because we love its straightforward, minimalistic design. Now, although it’s certainly big enough to accommodate both people who will be simultaneously using the vanity, some might prefer two separate mirrors, which might be the only drawback. Other than that, we don’t really see anything worth complaining about with regards to this double sink vanity.

2. Walcut Black 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

Highlighted Features

  • The sleek and simple design will fit seamlessly into any bathroom
  • Counter surfaces made from durable tempered glass
  • Included pop-up drain makes for an easier plumbing set-up
  • Installation hardware is included for easy and convenient assembly

Walcut Black 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo Double Cabinet with Double Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop Up DrainSome might think that it’s necessary to burn a hole in their wallet in order to land a good-quality vanity. Undoubtedly, there is some truth to that statement; however, double vanity sets like this one from Walcut are there to prove that you can get away with spending less.

So how did this vanity end up on our list? For several reasons. First of all, we’re a big fan of the way it looks; from its aesthetic appeal, it’s almost impossible to tell that you spent less than $1000 on it.

Available in a number of color options, the vanity’s durable MDF wood construction complements its simple yet modern look, with a timeless sink bowl design to boot. And speaking of the sinks, they’re made from tempered glass, which not only makes them durable but also super easy to clean.

Now for the storage options. Since this thing has seven drawers in total, you’ll have no dearth of space to store all your necessary bathroom products or your hair-styling appliances.

We also love the fact that this vanity comes with 2 mirrors. Sure, you can share one large mirror, but many people are much more comfortable having a mirror all to themselves. And with well-defined, sleek frame design, these mirrors only add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vanity.

Something else we highly appreciate about this vanity set is that it comes with the faucets you will need to install. Many other vanity sets, despite their relatively higher prices, won’t include faucets, or even the required installation hardware.

Given all the features we’ve discussed, and the unbelievable price point, we think this vanity is definitely a steal.

3. Luca Kitchen & Bath LC61CWW Geneva 61" Double Vanity Set

Highlighted Features

  • Available in white and black color options
  • Pre-assembled cabinet means less hassle in setting up
  • Includes a 3-inch backsplash that can be removed according to your needs
  • Purchase includes cabinet, countertop, mirror, sink, and backsplash
  • Cabinet doors and drawers are equipped with soft-closing hinges

Luca Kitchen & Bath LC61CWW Geneva 61inch Double Vanity Set in White with Carrara Marble TopThere are many features you’ll find the best double vanities having in common with each other, but in our opinion, one of the most important factors one can consider is: could I use this in my kitchen too? At least in the case of this set from Luca, the answer is yes.

There’s so much to love about this vanity. Starting from its straightforward yet tasteful design down to its storage options, this thing is bound to fit seamlessly into any kitchen or bathroom.

The cabinet is built from solid, durable birch wood, without even a trace of MDF or cardboard. Now, don’t get us wrong; high-quality MDF and/or cardboard can be a great budget option, but it has to be admitted that they’re just not as durable.

Next, we have the beautiful Carrara marble countertop. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also promises durability for generations to come. You’re also going to appreciate the fact that the countertop is pre-drilled for 8-inch 3-hole faucets. The easier the assembly, the better!

We love the large, single mirror as well; with dimensions of 57″x34″, the mirror will make touch-ups effortless while adding the illusion of extra space in your bathroom.

Unfortunately, your purchase won’t come with faucets or drains. However, that doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker; in fact, it gives you more autonomy over the overall set-up of the vanity!

To find the perfect faucet to match your double vanity sink, check out our review of the best kitchen faucets.

4. Stufurhome HD-7130G-60-CR Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Highlighted Features

  • Counter comes with pre-drilled faucet holes for easy installation
  • Solid oak wood construction promises many years of use
  • Sturdy brushed nickel hardware adds a touch of class to the vanity
  • Quartz countertop looks as good as well as it holds up

Stufurhome HD-7130G-60-CR Newport Grey 60 inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with MirrorOur next pick is from Stufurhome, an American company that, despite its young age, has caught the attention of many in the kitchen and home appliances industry.

This bathroom vanity is a good example of why that is. Available in a classy and elegant grey finish, this vanity comes equipped with all the features you could possibly expect from a high-quality double vanity.

If you were to ask us what we love about it, we’d definitely have to start with the solid oak wood construction, which always equates to a sturdy product with reliable longevity of use. The brushed-nickel hardware looks gorgeous and also promises to stay in place.

Next, we have the porcelain basin. The large rectangular shape guards against untoward splashing, and the undermount installation means it’s that much easier to clean. You’ll also love the quartz countertop; not only will it add a layer of tastefulness to the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, but it’s also an extremely long-enduring material.

The cabinet has miles of space (well, not literally, but you know what we mean), so storing your bathroom essentials won’t be an issue at all. Add to this the drawers with their soft-closing technology, and you end up with a modern and functional vanity solution.

And given all of these great features, we have just discussed, we believe this vanity comes at a price point that many other brands would find it hard to beat. Because let’s face it, bathroom vanities aren’t cheap, so when you come across a product like this one, it’s foolish to sleep on it!

5. Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72BEW Valencia 72" Double Vanity Set

Highlighted Features

  • Does not have any MDF or cardboard in its birch wood construction
  • Sinks are made from premium quality porcelain
  • Cabinet includes 6 drawers in total; 2 drop-down and 4 pull-out
  • The beautiful and simple design is bound to beautify your bathroom
  • Includes bottom space for added storage options

Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72BEW Valencia 72inch Double Vanity Set in Espresso with Carrara Marble TopThe last vanity on our list is, admittedly, probably our favorite one. We’ve reviewed another Luca vanity above, and just like that one, this one is also suited to both the kitchen and the bathroom. Keep reading to find out why we love this vanity so much.

First off, we’d like to discuss the look of this thing. Sure, you might think us shallow, but you’d be hard-pressed to ignore the importance of a good-looking vanity in giving your bathroom a facelift.

Available in both espresso and white, this vanity stands out to us, particularly because of its streamlined design. The cabinet boasts a total of 6 drawers for your bathroom essentials and bottom space for such things as towels or slippers.

Speaking of the drawers, this is the only vanity we’ve reviewed that features drop-down drawers. These are an intuitive and modern solution to storing items that must be placed vertically, such as perfume bottles. Plus, the drawers look really cool, too.

The simply-designed yet extremely tasteful double mirrors will also do much for the overall look of your bathroom. The countertop is made from Italian Carrara marble, with ample space between the two sinks for even more storage options.

Speaking of the countertop, you’re bound to appreciate the pre-drilled surface when the time comes for assembly; measuring 8 inches across, it’s ideal for installing 3-hole faucets. The included 3-inch backsplash is also removable, although we’d suggest leaving it in.

On the whole, this is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market for those looking for a premium-quality double vanity, and there isn’t anything we find in it to complain about.

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Buying Guide For Double Sink Vanities

What’s the best double sink vanity? Trying to answer that question is nearly impossible given the sheer number of options on the market.

But keeping the following factors in mind will make your decision that much easier.


By this, we don't just mean the size of the vanity you will be purchasing. In fact, that's actually a secondary concern to the size of your bathroom.

It goes without saying that a double sink bathroom vanity will take up quite a bit of space. So the first thing you need to do is measure the dimensions of the exact location in which you wish to install your vanity.

It's important to choose a vanity whose size will fit seamlessly into space and also leave enough space for storage. Furthermore, I also consider whether the vanity will be blocking the door or the passage to the toilet/shower. Basically, the bathroom's traffic flow should be uninterrupted by the vanity.


This is the next most important concern. No one who is installing a brand-new bathroom vanity should be okay with the idea that it won't last for at least a decade.

For a double vanity that lasts, the most important consideration is obviously what the vanity is made of. There are a number of materials to choose from, such as wood, porcelain, marble, fiberboard, or particleboard.

It goes without saying that the more premium the material, the higher the price tag. However, even if you're looking for a cheap double sink vanity, it doesn't mean you have to settle on a non-durable product. Do your research carefully.


We don't think there's much point to a vanity unless it has functional value. Not only should your vanity set come with mirrors (hence the name, actually), storage options should also be aplenty.

Of course, it's true that this isn't of very high importance to many people. Even for those of you who can be categorized as such, do remember first to check whether your chosen vanity comes with the required installation hardware.


Which brings us to this next point. No matter the size of your chosen vanity, it's going to need to be assembled, and often you won't be able to accomplish the task on your own.

So before you make your purchase, thoroughly research how much time and effort it might take you to get the thing installed. In the case of larger or more complicated vanities, you might need to hire extra help, so be prepared for the extra charges you might have to pay.


As we discussed before, the vanity can act like the centerpiece of your bathroom. Accordingly, it's obviously recommended to choose a vanity that fits the existing aesthetics of your bathroom.

Thankfully, there are presently several options on the market in terms of design; you'll be spoilt for choices. From the material, to design, to color, the sink-cabinet-mirror combination should be carefully selected.

Let's face it; bathroom vanities aren't cheap. So since you're spending a bunch of money, you should at least ensure that the thing looks good!

Frequently Asked Questions For Double Sink Vanities

1. What is a double sink vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a complete bathroom unit, consisting of a sink, storage space, and usually also a mirror, although this is optional. A double vanity basically has 2 of everything we have just described, and it's ideal for big bathrooms which many people use.

2. What height is ideal for a bathroom vanity?

Although most people opt for a 60-inch double sink vanity, there isn't really a standard height. It mainly depends on the height of the intended users of the vanity. This detailed guide on the height of sinks should help inform your decision.

3. Can I install a bathroom vanity by myself?

We've found that the larger the vanity, the more difficult it is to install by oneself. It also depends on whether your vanity comes with the required installation hardware. It's always good to be prepared to spend on hiring help.

4. Should I go for plywood, rubberwood, or MDF?

Rubberwood and plywood are strong woods, while MDF is the cheapest. Solid wood is the best option, but it will cost you more.

5. What is the best double sink vanity?

Although all of the vanities we’ve reviewed are great, the Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72BEW 72" Double Vanity Set definitely stands out.


As we’ve seen, the best double sink vanities come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Having said that, we'd be lying if we didn't say that the Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72BEW hasn’t impressed us more than the others.

However, it’s quite expensive. For our budget-conscious readers, the top pick is definitely the Walcut vanity we’ve reviewed.

Good luck, and we hope you’re happy with whichever vanity you end up purchasing.
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