4 Extreme Benefits of Granite Sink 2018

Your living space should speak a myriad of positive things about you. It should connote your sense of style and have every little thing that can give you comfort, your home should be built to last. This is why is best to use the best things for your comfort zone.

your kitchen as well should be an abode of comfort where every equipment and installations are investments and are required to be durable since you are not likely to replace your kitchen sink every year.

A lot of things go on in the kitchen and you need things that can withstand the pressure to a significant extent. Taking a decision on the best material for your kitchen sink is not easy because there are numerous things to consider.

Benefits of Granite Sink

When building or remodelling the kitchen, clients are left with little choices when it comes to choosing a suitable sink, they are limited to the choice of cast iron and stainless steel, however, the new trend of granite for kitchen sink has brought another refreshing idea on how to change the outlook of your kitchen.

Primarily, the kitchen sinks get a lot of abuse, from the stains from preparing dishes and the extreme heat it endures, which is why the granite sinks on a great choice.

Because granite is a compound, it is tough and has no internal structure which makes it non-porous and scratch resistant. These sinks have become a popular kitchen fixture, it is an alternative to other common sinks such as stainless steel and cast iron which many complain appear too ugly and difficult to maintain.

Granites may no longer be people’s first choice when building counter tops, but these sinks are gaining grounds immensely these days. People prefer to go for the granite sinks ‘carefully composed and curated blend of quart dust, acrylic resin and granite stones that give the kitchen a softer and more appealing appearance in a naturally blending manner.

The sinks are of two varieties: the solid stone granite sinks which are coupled together with the use of blocks of granite or carved out of a solid piece of granite and the composite granite sink which are built using a number of different materials, however, the composite granite sink is more popularly used than the former because of its more it is more affordable and easily available.

There are several reasons granite sinks should be your first choice when considering remodelling your kitchen or building a new home.

Here are the top benefits that will make you want to stick to your granite sink:

1. Durability

This sink is typically made of 20% acrylic resin and 80% granite which makes it stronger than others. They are built under high pressure which makes them non-porous, resistant to scratches, chips, it is also resistant to many household stains such as red wine, tea, coffee and the stain prone beet juice.

Unlike any other kitchen sink, they do not require sealing which makes them sturdy, features like these make it durable and a top-notch choice for your kitchen sink.

2. Decorative and fashionable

These sinks are very decorative and fashionable, its build gives a look and feel of a natural stone. They are available in several sizes, shapes colours, configurations and matte finishes.

The sinks are basically the only type of sink you can get to match your kitchen counter tops in different desirable shapes. Every piece is unique, it can be sculpted, chiselled, smooth or carved to your taste, although, white, black and brown remain some of the most popular colours.

If you want colour and pattern uniformity in your kitchen instead of multiple shades, they are the best choice.

3. Cleaning

They are easy to maintain and clean, with a granite sink, you can easily and safely pour any kind of substance into your sink without the fear of stains, you can take your hot pans straight from the oven and easily place them on your sink.

Although the fact they are stain and scratch resistant does not mean your sink should be left covered in dirt, however, it can save you a considerable amount of time and cost when cleaning as they do not require overly expensive chemicals and cleaning agents to keep them clean.

4. Affordable

Although they are considerably more expensive than stainless steel sinks, this sink is also easily affordable as they are with the investment.

There are even cheaper quality ones and there is only a little difference between the cheaper composite granite sink and the natural granite sink as both are valuable investments that will last a long time.

Whether you have opted for the solid or composite granite sink, you already know by now that it was worth every penny considering the fact that cleaning your sink is stress-free and your kitchen sink is just the way you like it.

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